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Old Yesterday, 02:26 PM
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I don't hate the pick of Williams. I'm not in love with it but don't mind it at all
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Old Today, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by UrbanLegend View Post
I don't hate the pick of Williams. I'm not in love with it but don't mind it at all
We definitely needed to get a WR and maybe the depth just wasn't there to pick anyone up later in the draft. If Keenan goes down again we have Williams who had a great season and still developing as the WR2 so I agree don't hate the pick up.

Certainly should have plenty of chances for a few TDs this season.

Definitely happy with the Offensive Line pick ups of Lamp and Feeney. Hopefully with Tuerk back in the mix and Okung if he can stay healthy with Slauson who had a great first season we can start to shore up that OL.

Another Latavius Brown over the weekend would also come in handy!! I think we will almost certainly pick up a QB at some point in the draft.
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