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Old 09.02.2017, 08:29 PM
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Default Watching a game in Phoenix

Hope you don't mind a Seahawk posting here!

I am visiting Arizona and Utah in October and November and am hoping to catch a football game while I am there. I have never seen a game in the US so hoping someone here has been and can help me out.

Are single game tickets available from the cards / ticketmaster within a few days of the schedule being released or will I have to wait?

My flight home leaves Phoenix on Sunday evening with check-in closing at 19:40 would it be feasible to go that day (if so and the game is switched to the evening game would I be able to sell my ticket on?)

Is it best to go by car or public transport?

To try and keep the cost reasonable I was thinking top tier on the side of the pitch but not central (say level with the red zone) would I get a good view from there?

If I get lucky and the Seahawks are in town would I be able to sit with other away fans (if so where is the away section?)

If the cards proves impossible any advise about the Sun Devils? I don't follow college football so how different is it to the NFL?
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Old 14.02.2017, 11:02 AM
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I went to a game November gone while I was on holiday in the USA, I can help with some of your questions but not all.

Tickets are available on ticketmaster. I signed up for the US ticket master and managed to get 2 tickets. I cant't remember the date they went on sale. I will be able to do some digging and find out for you but I'm at work at the moment. They sold the tickets (left after season ticket sales) to only arizona residents for the first 2 hours and then general sale for the rest. There wasn't loads of choice left for 2 together which we were looking for but we got them for about $100 each.

In terms of the view I did a stadium tour the day before the game (highly recommended and reasonably priced from what I remember) and we saw the stadium from various angles and positions and all the views seemed good then. There isn't really an away section.

We got to the stadium via public transport but when we were looking the links didn't seem great we had to get a hotel in quite a specific area to get the bus.

With the times to get back for your flight I'm unsure of the distance and time for travelling to the airport from the stadium.

Again with the college football I'm not sure ow this would work as I didn't got to a college game.

Hope this helps.
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Old 14.02.2017, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Jegpeg View Post
If the cards proves impossible any advise about the Sun Devils? I don't follow college football so how different is it to the NFL?
Catching a game should be easy enough although tickets aren't on sale yet - the Sun Devils have a number of home games over that period.

The stadium (and university campus) are located right by a stop on the valley metro - the local light railway system. Tempe is only a few stops from central Phoenix (assuming you're staying there) so it's not a big journey.

If you're at all interested in baseball the Arizona fall league should have started too. The league is based in the greater Phoenix area and is made up of young up and coming players from the major league teams.
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Old 15.02.2017, 08:44 PM
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Assuming the first bus back after the game turns up (my one didn't and they were every hour) you should make check in easily. It's a long long journey though, looking around 1.5/2 hours to the airport.
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