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Old 02.05.2017, 04:40 PM
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LA 92 - Available on demand on Sky catchup

It follows the events after the Rodney King incident and the murder of Latasha Collins day to day.

With a lot of footage from the streets.

It puts the rioting after Ferguson look like child play.

It is quite neutral and it shows warts and all how a large number of protesters looted, beat women and men regardless of who they were. Including footage of them stopping cars and beating people.

I couldn't help laugh at some people looting when the cameras went on them. A reportersasked a man is it illegal what he was doing - "nahhhhhhh, it's free". Included one man that said the looting was quite civil and well organised, as if people were normally shopping.

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Old 07.05.2017, 02:53 PM
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Get Smart (2008)

There are TV comedy shows and then there is Get Smart. How does a new film version stack up? Well, Steve Carell is just like the original Max. 99 is nothing like the real one. The Chief is so not harassed enough and Siegfried is fairly invisible -- which is just as well as he's nowhere near smooth and Teutonic enough.

That said, there are the familiar gags, and some new ones, and anyone who's seen the TV series carries so much goodwill into the film that it has to be 8; or 8.5; just for all the revived happy memories. And an inspiration to dig out the Get Smart box set and get enjoying.
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Old 11.05.2017, 11:27 AM
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Inside IS

Amazon Video

It follows Jurgen Todenhöfer, the only Western journalist allowed to film inside ISIS' Mosul.

Pretty strange how some of these ISIS fighters come across as being human. A few of them mucking about infront of the camera.

The propaganda chief of german origin that shows Jurgen around says he hopes there are attacks on the German streets. Which is quite awkward. Then he says he will happily execute someone to show him how it is done.

One fighter refuses to shake Jurgen's hand because ISIS fighters will inevitably come to Germany, take it over, then kill him....

It is a very good documentary. And only 51 minutes long.

One thing it mentions is that California is named based on the Islamic Caliph, Caliphate.

Here's an article on it:


Here is the documentary:


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Old 14.05.2017, 05:45 PM
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Deepwater Horizon. Mark Wahlberg stars in this drama based on a true story of an oil rig disaster. 7/10

The DVD also had a trailer for La La Land which I had not seen before. There is zero chance I will ever watch the movie.
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Old 15.05.2017, 08:37 AM
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Spoilers - ish

I thought before going to watch this it'd be back to brainless Aliens v shipmates. Aliens is in the name obviously. I wanted a Star Wars experience, basically zero thought

I liked Prometheus and liked it more of repeat viewings but I didn't want that type of film. I found out a few minutes in that it is Prometheus no.2.

I don't mind deep films that make you think but this went too far. It begins with a discussion on humans finding their creator and the fact humans are the gods of machines. I was looking for closure on the big question involved and of course that isn't possible So I was left with only frustration. You do get closure on the creator of one thing though........

I felt quite sad at one point in Covenant, "is this it?". I looked at my watch and it was close to finishing. Then they try to cram some Alien action in before the end.

Maybe it'll grow on me. It is worth watching though and there are a number of shock moments.

I think I am being kind really. Some will hate Covenant. A shame!.

I think Mark Kermode sums it up perfectly:


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Old 15.05.2017, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Danny Bear View Post

Dispite not realising this was basically a love story in space, I still enjoyed this one.

A ship on an interstellar flight containing over 5000 passengers malfunctions, resulting in a few passengers coming out of hibernation sleep 90 years too soon.

Just watched Passengers for the first time on Blu Ray, having missed it in the cinema. Actually really enjoyed it, but my goodness, it was like watching Tom Brady in the lead role.

I couldn't watch it without constantly thinking I was watching Tom Brady trying to figure out how to change the spark plugs in that spaceship and fix it.
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Old 16.05.2017, 06:07 PM
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Initial impression:

Obviously far, far behind Aliens and Alien (in that order), but definitely an improvement over Prometheus and imo better than anything we've had in the series since 1986 (though admittedly that's not saying much). Less, and far less glaring, instances of characters doing stupid stuff than in Prometheus, the Neomorphs are a good addition to the mythology, and there's some decent action scenes.

The main issue I'm going to have with this series of prequels when it's done is that the Space Jockey in Alien was 15-20 feet tall, and not a bald albino human. Well, certainly one of the main issues anyway. Tbh, I'm not sure we needed 3-4 (maybe 5) films to answer questions not many people were asking in the first place, but I'll admit I enjoyed this...

Probably give it a 6.5 or 7 out of 10
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