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Old 30.04.2017, 10:01 AM
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I agree. The front office didn't panic, and as you said, they clearly put a ceiling on what they were prepared to give up for each QB. Let's not forget that some mock drafts late last year had Garrett, Peppers and Kizer going 1, 2, 3!

Overall, I completely agree with you on our business. This may be the most optimistic I've ever felt as a Browns fan.

A bit of research I've found from around the web:

Njoku - looks like a complete stud at TE. The more research I do on the guy, the more excited I am about him

Kizer - studying the playbook already. Complete opposite of Manziel.

Peppers - will be a leader on the team. Fans love him already.

Brantley - if innocent then we've got a steal. He was projected to go late in the first round.

Gonzalez - STEAL. Holds the record for the most field goals in NCAA history. Once made a field goal from 71 yards and has 7/9 from 50+ yards. The best kicker in the draft and was projected for the 4th round. He fell into our lap because of what happened with the Bucs and Aguyo last year.

Next year - we have twelve picks!

The Philadelphia trade - Because of our Moneyballin', here's what we got for the Philly trade.

Wide receiver Corey Coleman (15th overall pick, 2016).

Offensive tackle Shon Coleman (76th, 2016).

Quarterback Cody Kessler (93rd, 2016).

Wide receiver Ricardo Louis (114th, 2016).

Safety Derrick Kindred (129th, 2016).

Wide receiver Jordan Payton (154th, 2016).

Offensive guard Spencer Drango (168th, 2016).

Safety Jabrill Peppers (25th, 2017).

Quarterback DeShone Kizer (52nd, 2017).

Houston's first-round pick in 2018.

Philadelphia’s second-round pick in 2018.
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Old 30.04.2017, 10:10 PM
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Good info, thanks.

71yard FG attempt; now that would be a gutsy call
I had a further thought on the trade-down scenario and to your and Zagura's point on the additional assets we have gained from the Wentz deal; with 1 player you not only have to hope that you've hit on an elite NFL talent, you also have to hope he stays healthy eg as in Bridgwater or Courtney Brown. With multiple assets, not only are you increasing your chances of getting talent(we're not talking trading a top 10 pick for 8 7th rounders), you are also spreading your risks.
Yes, in hindsight we could argue that we might have had Garrett and Hooker (2 projected studs) as well as a reasonable shot at a QB. This is not fair to Sashi though as by trading down he was hoping that by sacrificing picking Hooker or Howard, we would get Peppers or similar plus a next year first. This would increase our chance of getting a better shot at a QB either by trade, straight drafting or trading up in future.
And, I will say again, I applaud that we didn't just plump for desperation QB pick, instead taking the value pick in round 2.
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Old 04.05.2017, 07:29 PM
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Looking forward to the game at twickenham....will be supporting the Browns, the underdogs, ostweiler who gets loads of stick....
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