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Today 11:45 AM
A team each day
Day 3.3: Toledo Rockets Location: Toledo, Ohio Introduction: Started play in 1917, they joined the MAC in 1950, they... (2,774 views, 74 replies)
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Today 10:37 AM
The Dawg Pound!
Well then! Sorry for the late reply but today seems as good a day as any to dissect the Browns draft haul. Personally, I'm really pleased with the front office this year. They have addressed... (219,738 views, 4,518 replies)
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Today 09:53 AM
Official NFLUK 7 Round Mock Draft 2017 - Discussion Thread
Top drafted players still available: 41. Caleb Brantley, DT, Florida 62. Carl Lawson, LB, Auburn 64. Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson 67. Nathan Peterman, QB, Pittsburgh 72. Jaleel Johnson, DT,... (26,884 views, 1,841 replies)
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Today 09:29 AM
Twickenham seats sold out
Because they sold out in 3/4 hours , 60,000 tickets or so ?? (104 views, 3 replies)
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Today 08:37 AM
Los Angeles Chargers Thread
We definitely needed to get a WR and maybe the depth just wasn't there to pick anyone up later in the draft. If Keenan goes down again we have Williams who had a great season and still developing as... (438,280 views, 8,101 replies)
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Today 08:29 AM
Holy Toledo ... How 'bout dem Raiders
Liking the Obi pick, if we are building a Legion of Boom type defense then he is our Kam Chancellor. Surely he has to be given #1 as his jersey number? :) Not so keen on Vanderdoes. Fills a need,... (357,674 views, 11,253 replies)
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Today 05:12 AM
2017 Offseason Thread - News, Free Agency, all that jazz
I think Charles' knees must be wrecked. Personally, I always thought he was hugely over-rated anyway. Yeah, he has a stunning career YPC, but I don't like starting backs who net you 1,2,-1,-2... (19,551 views, 907 replies)
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Today 12:25 AM
2017 Draft
Understand their logic of a pass rusher at #28. IF the Browns offered #33 & #108 I'd have taken it. Perhaps the Seahawks or Saints take Charlton but it's worth the risk. Charlton obviously... (262 views, 21 replies)
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Yesterday 11:39 PM
Premier League Thread
indeed but the one thing i looks for is consistency, take away that one minute with Fellani and he would of had a very good game. i feel bad to see the ref get conned and its a tough job but that... (1,072,289 views, 29,335 replies)
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Pedal Bin
Yesterday 10:50 PM
What are you listening to right now?
Aerosmith - Aerosmith (185,165 views, 5,325 replies)
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Pedal Bin
Yesterday 10:44 PM
The official Jacksonville Jaguars thread
As there was no "can't miss" player I guess Fournette was the most obvious choice for General Coughlin's "win now" approach. He can start straight away and if we can improve the O Line he might ease... (287,908 views, 5,701 replies)
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Yesterday 09:53 PM
Yes, I think he should have been honest about it. It's no secret that Christianity is not down with gay relationships. So for him to claim he is a Christian and doesn't think it is a sin, he's... (404,340 views, 13,282 replies)
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Yesterday 09:25 PM
Team Returns
from august up until the week before match usually (189 views, 1 replies)
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wayne ellis
Yesterday 08:22 PM
2017 Draft / Free Agency / Offseason
Yeah, I had you taking Takkarist McKinley at #30, but Atlanta's trade up nixed that. Tim Williams obviously fits the bill, but it was always unlikely the Steelers would take him, considering his off... (878 views, 47 replies)
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Yesterday 08:12 PM
WWE thread
So Brock Lesnar's next title defence has been announced, apparently it'll be in July at Raw exclusive PPV "Great Balls of Fire"...sometimes it's truly embarrassing to be a wrestling fan :o. (40,566 views, 989 replies)
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wayne ellis
Yesterday 05:57 PM Predict the Pick
Hate how these things punish you if you predict the pick but not the Draft position. Got Watson to Houston and Mahomes to KC, but they don't count because of the trade ups... :mad: Congratulations... (238 views, 16 replies)
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Yesterday 02:24 PM
The General News Thread
As technology becomes ever more complex, I bet it will. Imagine the damage an automated Amazon drone fleet could do with buggy code? Doesn't bear thinking about. (97,679 views, 3,749 replies)
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Yesterday 01:17 PM
8-8 OR 9-7, particularly with the state of the defense at the moment. Wouldn't be surprised if we missed the playoffs tbh. (38 views, 2 replies)
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Yesterday 01:07 PM
Panthers thread
For me I thought would come down to CMC, OJ or Barnett Honestly expected the pick to be CMC by about 70%, 30% for OJ I did think Adams was going to be the pick as he kept falling Happy with... (55,689 views, 1,073 replies)
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Yesterday 12:27 PM
NFL Gamepass discussion.
I've got GP but can't find the draft anywhere on there? Is there somewhere I can watch this? I also have Sky Go if I can watch it somewhere on there? (884,116 views, 9,068 replies)
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