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09.12.2013, 01:32 AM
Our defense is so poor. We let Abraham go who has 11 sacks; and we replaced him with Osi has been terrible all season. Injuries are no excuse cause although a good player Biermann is the only real injury on that side of the ball. The Packers were the 10th team in a row to rush for 100 yards vs. us :rolleyes: That is unacceptable. We cannot set the edge against the run and our D-Tackles are inconsistent. The safeties have been an absolute disgrace, how both of thems form has fell off a cliff is frightening. The offensive line are a pathetic shower of :mad: . Douglas isn't a good enough No.3 Wide Receiver. At Tight End, with Gonzalez retiring, it will be a desperate need. Running back needs looking at too because S-Jax will hit wall at the age he is.

I don't know where we go from here. Smith is Joke of a HC so I really hope he gets the sack.

09.12.2013, 02:23 AM
. Douglas isn't a good enough No.3 Wide Receiver. .


09.12.2013, 03:20 AM

When push comes to shove he is terrible. Cost us in Miami fumbling, vs. Seattle fumbling and the dropped pass today. Never will be a fan of him.

09.12.2013, 11:42 AM
At this point in the season, I think we are playing somewhat better than what we had. A lot of this season has been blamed on injuries especially with our receivers being out. Along with that, our defense is considered to be very young and inexperienced.

For our defense, my though are that we are one of the worst in the league this year as per the statistics I posted a while back. Now, I'm not ready to throw in the towel for our secondary. I believe the blame really starts up front as other teams have shown they can run at will on us. Our line normally does a bad job of putting pressure on the QB and you could see how much of a difference it makes for the Green Bay game where we did.

Our offense has been one dimensional. It sort of reminds me of what the Detroit Lions went through last year where Mathew Stafford almost threw his arm off. I think first we are a bit predictable with our run plays. I think this is an issue as our offensive line is already below average in opening up holes for us to run. I think we need a more explosive running back to go with Stephen Jackson's physical style of running.

It's been a combination of bad all year long with injuries, young and inexperienced, bad or predictable play calling.

Stubbsy #21
09.12.2013, 01:53 PM
I've been doing some thinking. After yesterday we're currently slated for the #3 pick. Texans at #1 should take a QB. Rams with the #2 pick from Washington wouldn't take a DE given what they have invested in their current starters but could also trade the pick. Therefore if we're picking 3rd then I'd have to say welcome to Atlanta Jadeveon Clowney!

Having said that we're playing Washington next week at home and although we have a habit of making teams look better than they are, I think the only way we lose that one is if we forfeit

Therefore I'm looking at the other 3 and 4 win teams as I don't see us beating the 49ers or the Panthers and therefore these are our competition for a top draft pick:

Minnesota (Eagles, Bengals, Lions) - Hard to see another win here with all teams competing for playoff spots, but also quite possible to take a QB first.

Tampa Bay (49ers, Rams, Saints) - Possibly a win against the Saints if they have the division wrapped up, won't take a QB unless they see Glennon as their guy so could be competing with us for who we want.

Cleveland (Bears, Jets, Steelers) - Probably got another win in there, also likely to take a QB

Buffalo (Jags, Dolphins, Pats) - Could be competitors for Clowney as they have a QB, but could also beat the Pats who will likely have the division wrapped up by then.

Jacksonville (Bills, Titans, Colts) - Should be looking at a QB and should get another win this season given how they've performed recently.

Oakland (Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos) - Could beat Chargers and maybe Broncos who could have the division wrapped up by then. Also depends on whether they want to go forward with McGloin and/or Pryor.

Domed Outter
09.12.2013, 05:21 PM
Second half woes. Just when you think we might be picking in the top two, Washington falls to bits.

Lots of work to do over the next 10 months, including a new HC.

Having the draft so late next year really doesn't help us.

10.12.2013, 01:36 AM
The season has been a total letdown. Never in my wildest nightmares did I envisage it panning out the way it has. During the bye when we were 1-4 I felt like the team was so unlucky to have the record they did, having lost every game by seven or less. Then we came back and won the first game after the bye, and then... Blowouts. Unforeseen blowouts against teams like the Panthers and the Cardinals, who are actually now surprise playoff contenders. Not that that makes it any easier to stomach.

But as for the reasons behind our record? As mentioned, at the start of the season it felt like bad luck. Last year we had won a lot of close games, and this year we were losing them. But once the margins of defeat got bigger... Big holes on the team became obvious, exacerbated by injuries of course. This season has been lost in the trenches. Anemic pass rush and poor O-line play, both in pass protection and run blocking. Draft picks haven't panned out the way we'd like (see: Konz, Peter). And sure, Abe has been doing way better in Arizona than Osi has been in Atlanta. So that was maybe a poor decision. Lack of depth at receiver has also been a factor. Our reserve WR corp has largely been undrafted. There's only so much they can do, although they seem to have been doing as much as they can. Poor play-calling has also been a huge factor. Passing when we should be running and vice versa, and stupid decisions on 4th down.

This is as much as I can think of right now, although I'm sure there are more reasons behind this season from hell.

Oh, and as for the draft? I don't think it would matter if we did beat Washington. Houston, Minnesota, Jacksonville, Cleveland should all be going QB. St Louis may also - if not, they won't be going pass rusher. I think we'll be the only team in the top 7 or so going DE.

16.12.2013, 01:25 AM
Aslong as it doesn't save Mike Smith's job, It was great to win today. In the draft we need to go D-line in the 1st round. We can't pressure the oppositions QB or stop the run. The O-line is horrible too, much work for Dimitroff to do this offseason.

Domed Outter
16.12.2013, 10:22 AM
Mean, nasty, determined, relentless, ruthless. I look forward to seeing those traits in a new head coach in a couple of years time also translate to some of the players. Until then, the same issues will crop up.

Two horrible teams playing who can screw up the most.

Mack attack here we come!