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06.06.2014, 03:23 PM
I have been reading a lot of articles/newsreports/blogs etc...about our potential starters and from the looks of it no one can seem to come to a real conclusion. So here are mine:

QB - Jake (last year, he has an O-Line now, no excuses)
RB - Sankey (I know its early but I see him being the main guy with Greene and McCluster backing him up...I see Battle finding it tough to make the roster)
FB - Mooney (simple)

WR1 - Washington
WR2- Wright
WR3 - Hunter
Slot - McCluster/Mariani (I think it will be rare for us to go with 4 WR's but if we do they will rotate)

TE - Walker/Stevens (splitting time)

LT - Lewan
LG - Warmack
C - Schwenke
RG - Levitre
RT - Oher
(I can see changes in the guards and tackles due to Warmack (2nd year) and Lewan (rookie) being starters and needing experienced guys next to them)

DE - Casey
NT - Hill (rotating with Johnson)
DE - Klug (DE's rotating as usual but Klug gets the shot as a starter)

OLB - Wimbley
MLB - McCarthy
MLB - Brown
OLB - Morgan

CB - Campbell
SS - Pollard
FS - Griffin
CB - Wreh-Wilson (if we don't pick up someone else late)

KR - Mariani
PR - McCluster


06.06.2014, 09:11 PM
I saw an article today with an analyst saying he could see Da'quan Jones being a starter for us at NT, and it's quite possible given our lack of a natural 3-4 DT.

Did you mean to miss out McCourty at CB? Would like to see him paired with BWW, don't know that Campbell would beat him out, I think the competition for 2nd corner is between BWW and Sensabaugh, with Campbell being a special teams guy/decent cover.

Do you see Roos being traded then? Don't see any point in cutting him, we've plenty of cap space and you can't buy leadership/experience. But I would happily trade him for a 3rd, anything less wouldn't really be worthwhile at such an important position.
Think Woodley and Phillips will probably be pressing for starting spots at LB and DE, can't see Klug getting the starting spot there I'm afraid! (And I wouldn't sleep on Martin at DE, seen some buzz about him in all this transition)

I just hope we finally get some good production out of Wimbley this year.

08.06.2014, 12:06 PM
Yeah my bad I missed on McCourtney as the other starting CB next to BWW.

I don't see us trading or cutting Roos, but we will keep him around for sure. I just don't see why we would have paid the big bucks for Oher and then used a first rounder on Lewan without the intention of both of them starting especially considering Roos's age.

I think Klug did enough to earn the "starter" role last year but tbh we rotate so much with our O and D Line that the name "starter" just becomes a name, doesn't mean much aside from who is at the top of the depth chart.

Woodley and Phillips are definitely going to be part of the rotation but I think their age is what stops them from being starters. With the 3-4 you need a lot of speed and we have younger guys who can get off the ball quicker.

Martin I heard was going to be converted into a NT?

25.06.2014, 11:25 AM
I think that's a pretty solid starting team. Certainly a step up from last season (not that its tough) so that's the main thing. One thing I would question is that I'm reading so many good things about Coty Sensebaugh - I can't make an educated guess on the extent of his ability, but I think its speaks volumes that Whiz was adamant that we wouldn't be drafting a CB after Verners departure (which I'm still sad about).

At OLB - Wimbley needs a big year. For me he hasn't been anywhere near as effective as I thought he would be. Still got the ability and hopefully the new scheme fits him better.

KR/WR - I'd like to see Mariani win a job as I was so impressed with him in the pre-season before he broke his leg as well as him being a top bloke. I just wonder where he fits in.

I know he's a golden boy in Nashville, but for me McCarthy is overrated. He's a good player, but I wouldn't cement him in there. Woodyard is a top asset for that line backing core and I was so surprised that Denver let him go and that we got him. I'm really excited about him and I would start him.

29.06.2014, 11:31 AM
I think the issue with the CB position is that Whiz doesn't really know who he will be putting in the defensive backfield at the moment. I think some positions are pretty solid but with the loss of Verner, spending big bucks on free agents, Whiz is just going to wait to see what happens with the guys we have at the moment before deciding on anyone. Sensebaugh is a good CB but I wonder if he can be an every down corner, from what I remember he has only played in nickle packages and hasn't had much time on the field.

Wimbley will have all eyes on him this year but to be honest I think most of the OLB, DE, MLB's will because of the change in system. Most of these guys were "ok" in the 4-3, but now moving to the 3-4 guys will either sink or swim this year. See also someone like McCarthy, when he was injury free he was a great player and had a lot of people talking about him (which as we know as Titans fans is very rare) but he needs to stay injury free or he is useless.

As for Mariani, he is a favourite player of mine (shelled out like $80 to get his Pro Bowl practice jersey) and to me it says a lot that they IR'd a guy who was basically just a returner for a year and then looked to bring him back into the team even when they went out and got a returned/slot receiver/running back who does what he does with more experience. I can see the team splitting time with both guys on returns and trying to convert Mariani into the Wes Welker kind of slot reciever