View Full Version : First Round Picks

29.06.2014, 11:35 AM
Something I have noticed over the last few years is that we always seem to be one of the last teams to sign our first round picks and in some cases it cuts deep into our minicamp time, slowing down the potential progression of some of these players to both the team and the NFL.

At the time of writing we are one of 2 NFL teams who haven't signed their first round pick. If I remember correctly Warmack and Wright didn't get signed quickly either, so why is it we seem to be "content" with being the slowest team every year to get our first rounders signed?

Do you think Wright would have made a quicker impact into the team had he been signed sooner?

We run and jump at the chance to sign free agents for huge fees, but when it comes to our "future prospects" we seem to be very slow on the uptake