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26.10.2014, 08:36 PM
Think we are a decent team on paper but we suffer at QB. Do we really give Zach a go or should we seriously suck for duck

04.11.2014, 06:03 PM
I think at this point there is nothing to lose by playing Zach for the remainder of the season. This way we get to see what he is really made of. To be fair, although he has only played one full game, I like what i have seen from him so far. If he continues to get better then it could be we got him as a steal, if not then we will get a great position in the draft anyway giving us a good chance of picking up Mariota in the first round. This way if we do pick him up there is the option there of putting him as Mettenberger's backup for a bit, taking off the pressure for him to perform from day 1.

05.11.2014, 09:11 AM
Definitely need to be playing Mettenberger now. I really admire Locker's attitude and all, but he's done I'm afraid, and I can't see anyone picking him up to be a backup given his injury proneness.

Of course Mettenberger is going to make mistakes, but he's looked no worse than Bortles/Bridgewater/Carr have, and that was when he was going against one of the best D-Line's in the league and taking a whole lot of pressure. I thought he dealt with it really well too, he really does have great pocket presence and manages to evade pressure whilst still looking downfield to try and make a play, whereas Locker would've seen the pressure and tucked and tried to make something with his feet. I love that he takes shots down the field too. There were a couple of throws in that Texans game which were so close to being huge gains/TD's but for him slightly overthrowing it: It's been a long time since we made long passes that didn't mainly come as a result of YAC.

Whatever happens here on in we ride with Mett, and then it can go three ways I think: 1) He establishes himself as a starter and we can go into the draft and find ourselves some playmakers. 2) He shows enough that we draft a QB outside of the first round to compete with/sit behind Mett, but still take a top pass rusher in the 1st or 3) Mett doesn't impress so much, we take a QB in the 1st to be Whis' guy and we keep Zach as our backup.

I really hope it'll pan out to be 1 or 2 because we could really do without having to spend our (most likely very early) 1st rounder on a QB, but time will tell. Definitely gives me more excitement for gameday having Mett in than watching us finish 4-12 with a combination of Locker and Clipboard Jesus.

14.11.2014, 09:18 AM
We get a rare chance to see a live Titans game (unless you are lucky enough the have gamepass of course) on TV when the MNF matchup with the Steelers at LP Field this Monday is on Eurosport. Of course we were only on once last season as well in week 11defeat to the Colts.
I know it's been an abysmal season so far but Pittsburgh got thumped by the woeful Jets last week so there IS reason to believe the Titans are in with a good chance of ACTUALLY winning this one right? :)