View Full Version : Time to go?

23.11.2014, 09:28 PM
Todays game screams to me that Smith has to go. His time management and 4th quarter decision making has been shocking at best but today against the Browns...WTF!
A clear out is needed but will Blank have the balls to do it? I believe the talent is there its just not been utilised.
If Smith lasts the year, bearing in mind a win today could have kept us in a playoff position I might be on the look out for another team. So freaking frustrating!

...end of rant...

Domed Outter
24.11.2014, 09:34 AM
Just you wait until the Packers game.

I'd also extend my thanks this week to the puppet Matt Ryan. His owner Koetter can do no wrong apparently. 3 poor games in a row yet he gets a pass. Too bad the other teams in the division stink as we could have benched him and tried to bring some value to Renfree.

I wonder if Pettine saved a game ball for Smith?