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24.04.2015, 10:39 AM
If you didn't know already (you probably did) here is the Saints schedule for 2015

Sep 13 3:05PMCDT AT Cardinals
Sep 20 12:00PMCDT VS Buccaneers
Sep 27 12:00PMCDT AT Panthers
Oct 4 7:30PMCDT VS Cowboys
Oct 11 12:00PMCDT AT Eagles
Oct 15 7:25PMCDT VS Falcons
Oct 25 12:00PMCDT AT Colts
Nov 1 12:00PMCST VS Giants
Nov 8 12:00PMCST VS Titans
Nov 15 12:00PMCST AT Redskins
Nov 29 12:00PMCST AT Texans
Dec 6 12:00PMCST VS Panthers
Dec 13 12:00PMCST AT Buccaneers
Dec 21 7:30PMCST VS Lions
Dec 27 12:00PMCST VS Jaguars
17 Jan 3 12:00PMCST AT Falcons

Personally I think the first half look a lot tougher than the second half and it is nice to see our back to back road games have a bye in the middle.
The short week of AT eagles then VS Falcons will be tough to say the least. Not a big fan of the late BYE either but it helps us out as mentioned earlier.
Someone mentioned that all our "cold weather" (Only really Eagles and Skins anyway) road games are early so shouldn't affect Brees much
So what are others thoughts?
Anyone planning a trip this year?


30.04.2015, 02:27 PM
This is going to be my first proper season watching the Saints as I'm going to get Game Pass. I've always been a fan of the Saints since getting into NFL years ago but never actually managed to watch a game!!

This year I've made even more of an effort to bone up on rules and more in depth football rules and I'm gonna watch along on Game Pass. Really looking forward to it.

06.05.2015, 06:20 PM
Not a bad schedule at all really. If our offense is a bit better than last year (it should be) and our defense is a lot better than last year (it certainly should be) then the division is winnable. Between us and Atlanta I think.

As for games: @ Cardinals and home to Cowboys are certs for me. Will also try to get to the @ Panthers game.

McMenemy: nice one. Enjoy the Saints and WHO DAT :) btw if you wanted to check some out before the 2015 season, you can get GamePass now for an off-season price (about £30 I think but you might be able to find some promo codes) and watch full length (and condensed) Saints games from the last few seasons (including the SB season). GamePass is decent IMO and you can also watch live news and other NFL programmes.

09.05.2015, 09:52 AM
Good call on NFL Game Pass McMenemy, just remember, there is no going back! Seriously, your Sunday nights will never be the same again. You can listen to or download Bobby Hebert on WWL during the week as well for the big build up too.

As for games, it's the last two home games of the season for me - and maybe sneak in the dirtybirds away.

09.05.2015, 01:02 PM
Our schedule isn't too bad compared to others.
I have been writing a piece on the AFC East this week and look at Miami schedule
They have a bye then the Titans and this is there run to the end of the season. Its murderous

Houston Texans
at New England Patriots
Bills at Buffalo Bills
at Philadelphia Eagles
Cowboys Dallas Cowboys
at New York Jets
Baltimore Ravens
New York Giants
at San Diego Chargers
Indianapolis Colts
New England Patriots

All divisional games in the South are a grind and there is a hard mini run early with Cowboys,Eagles, Falcons,Colts and Giants but if we can get 2-3 wins there and at worst split the divisional games we should have a shot at the playoffs.

19.05.2015, 08:23 PM
Not a bad schedule, not the easiest but far from the toughest and yes the 2nd half does appear easier.

25.06.2015, 01:23 PM
Anyone thinking of a game this season?
I'm going for it. Failcons at the Dome. Going to Baltimore first for a Ravens game with my Ravens mate (Browns @ Ravens)
So excited for a derby atmosphere!

05.07.2015, 08:53 PM
That does sound great!

I'm off to Washington for thanks giving to watch the "redskins" v Giants.

My first over there, cant wait.

14.07.2015, 07:30 PM
Anyone going to the Cowboys game? I have just bought my tickets and ended up with three others I don't need (don't ask) so if anyone needs tickets a lot cheaper than StubHub and TicketExchange get in touch! WhoDat!