View Full Version : Coach Fired!

03.11.2015, 03:37 PM
So news has just broken that Ken Whisenhunt has been fired, with Mike Mularkey taking his place. What do you all think?

wayne ellis
03.11.2015, 04:30 PM
As an outsider, I'm not overly shocked. Although, with a rookie QB in place and a young roster overall, I thought he'd get at least until the end of the season...

03.11.2015, 10:18 PM
Maybe Tennessee can hire a coach who doesn't make them the most boring lifeless franchise in the NFL now.

Actually got a half decent roster - if it can be used correctly

24.11.2015, 10:47 AM
we have a great quarterback, no O-line, no running back, a class tight end, 1 decent receiver(with 1 potentially good receiver)

A very weak secondary and an average D-Line, hence why we are 2-8 but we don't get massacred.

Mariota needs a running back he can rely on, we need a top class safety/linebacker and we desperately need our current players to step up, they just don't perform.

It doesn't help when every coach we've had for the past 5 years runs the ball the minute we get a small lead to try and burn the clock down rather than letting MAriota do his thing and extend our leads out.