View Full Version : What happens this offseason

06.01.2016, 01:29 PM
This offseason seems the most nervewracking as a Saints fan in a fair few years (moreso than Bountygate?). Feel like almost anything could happen.

Personnel. With trading Jimmy Graham and cutting a recent 2nd round pick (Jean-Baptiste) last year, it's like there are no sacred cows. Maybe Cam Jordan, Terron Armstead and the recent first rounders are safe, but elsewhere: erk.
Payton. Literally no idea. A second round pick doesn't seem that high a price for him that teams won't give it, and if Payton goes, that leaves a big dollop of uncertainty.
Brees. Obviously. What on earth happened to Garrett Grayson? Everyone saying we need a quarterback, we just drafted a third rounder last year. No-one is mentioning this, which isn't a good sign.
Cap Space. Been spending far too much time on www.overthecap.com for my own good. We're $4m over the current cap for next year, with only 44 players on the roster. You need money to sign draft picks, resign players. Sure, a few can be cut (Ellerbe, Colston, Hawthorne, Strief?) but you have to replace those too.

Does anyone want to reassure me that it'll all be ok? Or predict how it's going to fall apart in ways I can't imagine?

11.01.2016, 01:03 PM
We don't have much more toxic waste to dispose of.
Brees will/has restructured.
Payton has declared that he's staying.
Grayson will remain, it would have been lunacy to give him long exposure
this season.

Finally we should be better than last year, although don't expect a super bowl.
We should draft some beef on the D line. Another linebacker and cornerback would
be nice, but we need a few drafts, and hope that Grayson is decent before well be
challenging again.
Our success was based on an HOF QB and those arevp rare commodities in this game.