View Full Version : Week 2 Match Thread: Houston Texans @ Tennessee

11.09.2009, 11:28 AM
Lets start using this whole forum folks! :)

Something we do on the Nottingham Forest forums I visit, a thread for all the chat about each game each week.

I'm predicting we win this one, much more likely to get the run going vs the Texans I feel and hopefully that will open up lots of space for Gage and Britt who both looked pretty good last night.

I think we'll need to win it too, losing one game (especially in the manner we did) is not a big deal but going 0-2 down might set people up the wrong way mentally.

11.09.2009, 04:44 PM
Yeah I'm with you - our opening 6 games are seriously tough and we cannot possibly afford to go 0-2 however good we look doing it.

If the O-Line takes care of business the way it can and should then we'll get some fair points on the board.

The secondary worries me against the Texans though - can't afford to let Finnegan lose confidence by asking him to return punts when he clearly isn't very good at it. And in general we just looked a bit....off considering it's meant to be a great strength.

11.09.2009, 05:35 PM
Finnigan is a great at reading the plays one of the best after palormaru (or however u spell it) he comes up with vital interceptions however he is terrible at kick returning. we need to sort this out as it could cost us dearly in the future

As far as our O-Line and D-line go we will be fine the blocking and tackling is superb up front and i don't care what people say, Haynesworth is overrated, The other guys stepped upto the plate and got some awesome sacks on Big ben last night.

As far as the texans game goes i feel that they are a weaker side and that we shouldnt have much problems , lendale looks badass this year and im dead impressed that he's lost weight but kept the power and strength.