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18.10.2009, 11:10 PM
Ok, a two edged rant/thought process/whatever you want to call it. First, what can each player offer us for the rest of this year, what can we find out about them and what can they offer in the future. Bear with me, it's long but I feel like doing it:

Jason Campbell - His Redskins career is finished but Collins is hardly a long term option so I suggest Campbell gets the job back and as a possible RFA (depending on the CBA) at least tries to improve possible trade value. If Zorn goes I hope Sherman Lewis at least gets Campbell doing what he is more comfortable with. Gone one way or another after the season.
Todd Collins - Plays if needed, can go after the season. How smart does going with two QB's look now?

Clinton Portis - Is suffering behind a banged up OL and causing ructions with Mike Sellers. Has a lot of guaranteed money but in an uncapped year he could be got rid of. In a major clear out, I would be tempted to cut him loose.
Ladell Betts - Had a great year in relief of Portis in 2006, done nothing since, coming to the later years of a very expensive contract for a back-up, probably time to move him on.
Rock Cartwright - Good special teams player but little else, not particularly bothered if he stays or goes.
Marcus Mason - Has shown flashes in pre-season, let him get some proper time now for the rest of the season and see if he has any future value.
Mike Sellers - aging, blocking has been poor, wanted more money in the off-season, time to move on.

Santana Moss - still provides big plays, I see no reason that can't continue in the near future.
Antwaan Randle El - has a poison pill contract that helped get the Skins cap room in '09, get him off punt returns, get him off the roster next year.
Malcolm Kelly - struggles to get separation IMO but lets get him serious playing time now and find out if he has any future value, otherwise, trade or cut him after the season.
Devin Thomas - ditto Kelly.
Marko Mitchell - lets activate this guy and see if he has anything to offer.

Chris Cooley - a player in his prime, a mainstay on the roster.
Fred Davis - see Kelly and Thomas.
Todd Yoder - veteran, can fight for a roster spot next year.

Chris Samuels - might well be the end for big Chris. Would you risk re-injurying yourself for this pile of poo this year? I suspect he may well retire.
Derrick Dockery - likely stays put but is average at best.
Casey Rabach - regressing and near the end of his contract, let him go.
Randy Thomas - good player when healthy, just never healthy, let him go.
Stephon Heyer - young player but not much better than average, can certainly remain on the roster in '10 though.
Chad Rinehart - the one high pick on the OL in recent years from Cerrato looked pretty poor by all accounts in his two starts. Might be worth looking at him at ORT? Otherwise, he could be gone in '10.
Mike Williams - I still think he should have gone on IR this year and had a full season conditioning himself for a proper run at the roster next year. Let him compete in camp for a job I guess.
D'Anthony Batiste - came in for Chris Samuels the other week, got killed, doubt he has much to offer.
Will Montgomery - is currently the starting RG, lets see what he has and if he has anything to offer in the future.
Edwin Williams - give him some snaps, get him some experience.

Phillip Daniels - great servant, but time to retire.
Renaldo Wynn - assuming he comes back on the roster, should also retire.
Albert Haynesworth - when he plays, very effective, big contract, he's back.
Cornelius Griffin - poison pill contract like ARE, good player, struggles for his health, let him go.
Andre Carter - another with a poison pill contract in '10, on target for double digit sacks but can move on in any clear out. Limited player.
Jeremy Jarmon - get him more snaps as the season goes on, let him battle for more playing time in 2010.
Kedric Golston - if no new CBA is a RFA, if CBA gets done, he is an URFA and could be gone. I'd try and keep him though.
Anthony Montgomery - same contract situation as Golston, likely gone but if a new DC was a 3-4 guy, he could be a potential NT.
Lorenzo Alexander - I love this kid, always full of hustle, keep him around.

London Fletcher - great player and leader, if the team stays in a 4-3 scehem I'd keep him, great example to young players. If they go 3-4, let him pass on his experience elsewhere.
Rocky McIntosh - like him as a player, hits so hard, dodgy knees though. FA in 2010 so the price has to be right. Could go inside in a 3-4.
Brian Orakpo - If the team stays 4-3, I'd like him to bulk up and go to end full time, if they go 3-4, he can be the edge rusher/elephant.
HB Blades - seems ok when he plays, not special though, doubt he ever cracks the starting line-up full time, can hang around for depth.
Chris Wilson - same type of player as Orakpo, should hang around.
Robert Henson - young guy learning, comes back for competition in 2010.

Carlos Rogers - Doesn't want to be here IMO, good player, terrible hands, deal him.
Fred Smoot - past it, cut him.
DeAngelo Hall - can get turnovers, can get burned badly but stays in 2010.
Justin Tryon - playing more this year, get him more snaps and experience ready to challenge for a start in 2010.
Kevin Barnes - looks very raw, get him some experience in spots though as the season goes on.
Bryon Westbrook - go away, don't care who your brother is.

Laron Landry - physically gifted, talented, but over aggressive, I'd trade him for a couple of high picks if a team would pay.
Kareem Moore - get this guy some time at free safety, maybe put Landry to SS?
Chris Horton - has been benched this year but I do think some of his problems are that he was been asked to sit in coverage. I still like the kid and think he has a future.
Reed Doughty - overachiever, good example to others but should be been pushed for his roster spot.

Shaun Suisham - perfect so far this year on field goals but he needs to prove he can kick important kicks, little chance of that this year then.
Hunter Smith - currently injured but should be back, looks a keeper.

18.10.2009, 11:45 PM
Good write up.

I think Moss and ARE had their contracts re-structured so they end in 2010?

I'd seriously look at trading Landry for some high draft picks. He's been very disappointing this season.

I'm sure the Raiders would give us a first and a third for him :P

19.10.2009, 11:49 AM
Great write up Gman, can't really argue there.

Remember we've got Colt coming back of IR next year to compete for the QB job, lets see if this pre-season has grounded him, see what he can do.

As for the RB's I think Portis has had his day, would like to see what Mason can do (personally doubt it is very much), see if he's worth keeping around. Betts should just be gone, not good enough to start, far too expensive for backup.

I really think the receiver corps have talent and potential, just not getting the most out of them, them and the TE's would be quite happy to leave as they are.

The o-line just needs to be cleared right out, would be happy enough to keep Rabach for 1 more year, for consistency if we clear shop at LT, RG and RT, but he should only be around 1 more year. Heyer would be a good guy to keep as a backup, thats it. Also see how Mike Williams does next year.

On the d-line I'd like to see Jarmon positioned to take the LDE spot full time for next year. As you said, if we stay in the 4-3 I would also like to move Carter on and play Orakpo full time RDE and bring someone in to play SAM.

19.10.2009, 02:50 PM
Byron Westbrook dont care who your brother is LOL,
There are alot of players on there way out there GMAN and that
sort of turnover probably wont happen to quickly, I would let the D
evolve itself even if it regresses so be it, Its already top 4 and if we
can keep it off the field it will only get better, Portis seems the big one
at the mo though he probably wont hold alot of value as a RB going past
his peak but I would agree to move him on if the right deal came along.

19.10.2009, 03:53 PM
Good post GMan.

I genuinely can't see us getting any value for Landry though.

JD for breakfast
20.10.2009, 03:24 PM
Lot of holes to fill there gman, although I agree with your evaluation. It looks like we'll be getting a high first round draft pick next year (barring Laurel and Hardy in the FO doing something stupid a la the Jason Taylor trade) which I'm hoping will get spent on the O-line, along with one other pick. Need to look at a replacement RB too. This years draft was very D-heavy, too much so in my opinion

Harwich Hog
22.10.2009, 12:08 PM
I just think Landry is worth more to us than any team would be willing to give (maybe a 3rd rounder, perhaps a 2nd). Don’t get me wrong – you can pickup good players in the 2nd round that can really contribute (see Rocky McIntosh). But the second round can also be a bit of a crap-shoot (see Devin Thomas, Fred Davis, Malcolm Kelly). He may not be living up to his pick of No.6 in 2007 but he’s still a solid contributor. I’m coming around to the idea of trading Carlos Rogers – if we could get a 2nd or a 3rd for him I think I’d take it. But then I think what we used to draft Kevin Barnes and I stop and re-think the idea.

I wouldn’t touch Orakpo – the guy is incredible. He doesn’t need to bulk-up. I also have no problem with him playing a bit of linebacker this year – which I understand puts me in a minority. All DEs need to drop back in coverage sometimes and if time at OLB improves that then he will become more of a complete player. He’s already one of the better pass-rushers in the league so it’s not essential he gets reps there. Of course – I would be massively against moving him to OLB permanently, I’d prefer a draft pick be spent there in 2010.

If we can trade Rogers and draft an OLB with that pick and somehow fill the void at CB with Tryon, Barnes or a reasonable FA – that’d be ideal for me. I don’t think too much more attention needs to be paid to the defence.

That leaves us with a 1st and 2nd rounder to mend OL holes. I’d hope the 1st would bag us a legit LT (if Samuels were to retire) and another starter with 2nd. I’d probably so be in favour of spending another of the remaining three picks (4th, 5th, 7th) on OL as well and hope to find another contributor (even if it’s just for depth). I’m also intrigued as to whether we’ll be compensated for losing Demetric Evans, Justin Geisinger and Ryan Boschetti even if it’s a 7th rounder. Hilarious considering what we paid out to incoming FAs – but I think that we lost more qualifying FAs than we brought in, it qualifies us.