View Full Version : Why I Dont Want The Saints To Win The Superbowl

29.01.2010, 04:03 AM

Wrote this, its also on my NFLUK Blog.

29.01.2010, 08:45 AM
Good read mate, I was firmly against the Colts and have been on every game for the last few years, I just dont like them, where with the Saints I do like them, seen them at wembley, like a few of their players etc but over the last few weeks on here their own fans have really not done their team justice (and I dont like the attitude of their head coach re-wembley and a few incidents this this) and now I dont want either team to win really. Id happily rooted for the vikes.(and the jets obviously) but I guess it will come down to how I feel on the day.

Id like Reggie Bush to have a big game as I do like him so I guess I still may out of the two go for the saints.