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29.03.2010, 07:04 PM
im going to try to get a ticket for the redskins game but if i cant how about an away game.

say for eg

we had the cowboys or titans away could i get a ticket from them and still get in to the away area o would i have to still have to buy from redskins

30.03.2010, 07:44 AM
The only way I know of to get tickets for a home game is via re-sale. There are several agencies that do this. Stubhub was/is the official "partner" for the Redskins, but they don't post to the UK. I think we used Tickets Now, who do post to the UK. They are owned by Ticketmaster, who also run the Ticket Exchange page on NFL.com. You pay a premium for the re-sale tickets (think: legalised touting), but it's not excessive and you do have a guarantee of tickets or your money back, so I should be reliable. As long as you don't go for an NFC East matchup, the costs won't get too high.

p.s.: There's nothing available now. There won't be until the final schedule has been announced. This usually happens around draft-time.

05.04.2010, 10:05 PM
Ive bought tickets directly from the Redskins ticket office over the phone, for the home game against Dall-ass in '08, and picked up the ticket from the "Will-Call" booth an hour or so before the game.

Also bought from www.denverticket.com for the game in New Orleans a few seasons ago, and it arrived by FedEx three days later - amazing. Been to away mathes at Tampa, NYG and Miami, cant remember if they were shipped to UK or had to pick up at the booth, but if the latter, dont forget to take photo ID.