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23.04.2010, 11:12 AM
Okay so now we have drafted the 'Spoon where do we go with our remaining picks? Do we continue to bolster our D by targetting a pash rushing DE with our early picks or do we look to add another target for Matt Ryan and hope to find a gem that can contribute on the D in the later rounds?

Ive heard us linked with Matt Tennant quite a lot in third, would he be our first pick or the compensatory latter one?

I dont claim to know a lot about the players within the draft so which players could the falcons be realistically targetting?

23.04.2010, 04:11 PM
I would like to add Tennant and a WR if we stay in the third round. The Saints showed last year that you cannot have to many options when it comes to targets for your QB, and apart from Roddy it all seems to come down to possibility and potential with the Falcons receivers.
I still have major concerns with our ability to thwart the pass-rush so a DE is another option that should be considered, maybe worth trading up to round 2 as Kindle and Griffin are still on the board.
I am very pleased with Weatherspoon though, quality player and apparantly quite a character which should be entertaining with him and D. Robinson on a Sunday.

26.04.2010, 11:47 AM
Something i read the other day just highlights why we are the fans and the Front Office are pros:

2008: Drafted a franchise quarterback (Matt Ryan), a franchise left tackle (Sam Baker), a future Pro Bowl linebacker (Curtis Lofton), a terrific young safety (Thomas DeCoud), and promising young pieces (Harry Douglas and Kroy Biermann). Sign a punishing running back (Michael Turner) to go with that.

In that first year, you have a ton of splash. This was a terrible football team in 2007, so the Comrade immediately addressed a ton of weaknesses and key positions in an effort to make the team better in the long haul. Unexpectedly, they performed well enough to make the playoffs.

2009: Drafted a penetrating defensive tackle to help the pass rush (Peria Jerry), a run-savvy safety (William Moore), a future starter at cornerback (Chris Owens), and promising projects who will bear fruit down the line (Spencer Adkins, Lawrence Sidbury, Garrett Reynolds).

Recognizing a weak defense when he sees one, the Comrade focuses there heavily in 2009, locking down several positions of weakness with promising young players. Those positions where he has solid starters already, he drafts depth that will hopefully develop into starters down the line. If injuries hadn't crippled this draft class, we might have a higher view of it, but once again this is built for the long haul.

Look at 2008, that looks almost genuis right now, we need to have faith they know what they are doing. Im very very happy with how it went.

29.04.2010, 03:50 PM
I'm assuming Comrade is Dimitroff.

I think we've strengthened the lines like we should have.
Didn't really want us to take Poo-ray last year, I knew he'd be injured for most the season. Now to sort out some DE's.