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26.05.2010, 03:16 PM
I don't have a link for this but here is a run-down/quotes about the possibility of the Falcons getting a 2nd - outdoor - stadium close to the GA Dome

The Falcons tell Atlanta and the GA Dome that they want a new stadium within 7 years or they will leave. Atlanta tells the Falcons there is no way the GA Dome is going away, as it is in prime condition and making tons of money. Falcons agree but say their goal is to grow the pie even more.

So, plans are being discussed to build a new outdoor stadium adjacent to the GA Dome and the Falcons could then choose whether they wanted to play a game indoors or outdoors. Apparently, it is not feasible in a structural or financial sense to rip the roof off the dome and place a new retractable roof

Falcons president Rich McKay said Friday the team wants a new stadium within seven years, but it doesn't appear the Georgia Dome is going away.

Frank Poe, the executive director of the Georgia World Congress Center, which manages the Georgia Dome, told The Associated Press on Friday that the dome simply is too valuable as a revenue-producer. Poe said a new open-air stadium for the Falcons would complement, not replace, the Georgia Dome, which opened in 1992.


Added Poe: "We have a solid group of clients ... who have been in an enclosed environment and have not expressed interest in an open-air stadium."


McKay said a new open-air stadium could increase revenue by "attracting new events and growing the pie as opposed to shrinking the pie."


"Everybody is extremely sensitive to the current economic environment, but this is a project we've been working on for a couple of years and we will work on for more years," McKay said. "It's not as though this is a stadium that will be built in the next three or four years. This is something we're talking about in the next six or seven years."

Its also thought that anothe reason behind Blank wanting this is that he wants ATL to be able to host a WC game if/when USA bids again.
If it took 7 years to build then the GA dome would be 25 years old and is already considered to be slippping in terms of stadium amenities etc.

It would cost a whole lot of money but 2 stadiums could give the Falcons a big advantage at home games.

Thoughts? (sorry if its not the clearest)

29.05.2010, 02:14 PM
I have read a few articles on this and while I think that an outdoor stadium would be great I have a few concerns:

If the Falcons kept the lease on the Dome and built a new stadium, this would surely cost more than just putting a retractable roof on the new stadium, which as we know from the new Meadowlands would increase the
cost by at least $100 Million Plus.

And would the Falcons be allowed to do this under NFL rules. I know that Buffalo play a game in Toronto and the International Series home team changes venues, but it cannot be allowed that just because there is a storm or a nip in the air in Atl on a Sunday morning that the venue changes to the Dome.

01.06.2010, 03:25 PM
In the new stadium how many will it hold? Has anything like that been sead yet?

i know GA Dome is 77,000 so are they going for more seats in this new place?