View Full Version : Long Deserved Recognition at Last

29.05.2010, 02:04 PM
At last the Falcons are starting to get the recognition that we have felt they deserved years ago (Well couple of years).

Over the last few days Bleacher Report has rated Matt Ryan No. 1 Quater Back 25 or under. This is backed up with intelligent reasoning of why he is ahead of Flacco, Henne, Kolb, Moore, Sanchez and Stafford.

Mike Mularkey rated No. 6 in top 10 play calling offensive coordinators in the league.

All this from a normally anti Falcons website and on NFLN Total Access Michael Lombardi tipping Matt Ryan to be the most improved QB and Jamie Dukes calling the Falcons a superbowl ready team.

How much more praise can we possibly take, I just hope that this big build up and expectation rising daily will not lead to a frustrating season.