View Full Version : Monday morning feeling

06.10.2010, 08:58 AM
After the Rams defeat :rolleyes: It sure felt good this Monday morning in comparison knowing we were 2-0 in the division thanks to the igles :D

I feared the worse against Vick & Co but from the very start, that hit from Lorenzo Alexander set the tone, my expectations grew. We pulled out a W and with Ryan Torain & Clinton Portis moving the chains all looked good.

Some people may not be impressed with McNabbs passing Game but the truth is we didnt have to throw the ball after taking the 16 point lead :) We did what we had to do to get the W It did come down to a "Hail Mary" again to get a win but we had the chance to put this Game to bed, Rogers should have had an INT again. Theres a lot of ifs & buts in every Game so lets not get over critical, yeh Vick got hurt & Kolb came in, McNabb threw a few Worm burners & the igles clock management was worse than ours (thanks Andy Reid) but in the end we got another W

Another step in the right direction Fellas....

06.10.2010, 12:13 PM
I certainly hope so,
We are still looking for ways to lose though instead of killing games,
The last play was a definite heart attack moment,
As for next week I think we are going to have to bring more heat
against Rodgers who wont be as conservative as Kolb constantly going
underneath and hopefully we will get Trent back to match up Clay Matthews.