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07.10.2010, 12:11 PM
Where do you think the Titans will finish

we've started, as always, badly, well mediocre but mediocrity isn't even close to good enough, but like usual will we pick up our heads as the season closes leaving little room to make the playoffs, will we stumble and fall into pieces before we even make it to week 10, or are the Titans playoff bound?

08.10.2010, 02:01 PM
7-9 Nearly made it, are defense is looking a lot better than in previous years some call it cheap but it is a faster one at the line, not cheap but clearly more aggresieve than in previous years. With the promise from the team that CJ will start getting more holes than we can win those should win matchups but sadly I don't think we'll make playoffs. Give it a few years yet and we'll be in Superbowl though, imo. :)

12.10.2010, 09:53 AM
7-9 for me. No way we can finish with a winning record while we continue to give up 3 or 400 yards a game in passing.

12.10.2010, 03:36 PM
9-7, I still think we will get about this many wins and we are improving week on week so I still think we will have a good season

21.10.2010, 02:08 PM
10-6 and in the playoffs. I think it will all come down to our matches against the Colts and Texans (last few weeks of the season). If we go at least 5-1 in the division, we're gonna make it in....that will be no easy task, though, obviously.

28.10.2010, 11:27 AM
yeah we're definitely going to go 10-6 or so....9-7 at worst. All we need is to win 3/5 of our AFC south games, and 2/4 of chargers, dolphins, redskins, and chiefs. Granted, a couple of good teams in there, but I don't see why we can't win half of our remaining games.

01.11.2010, 05:05 PM
This is a quote from a previous thread that I wrote at the beginning of the season and eventhough I am not perfect on who we won and lossed to so far I am correct that we are 5-3 going into the bye week. Hopefully we can do even better than expected and maybe snatch a win against the Colts:

Breaking it down schedule wise:

Week 1: Oakland Raiders-WIN
We will be too much for the Raiders. I think our defense can hold them down to a low score and I can't see them stopping CJ and VY anywhere near as easy to us stopping their offense.

Week 2: Pittsburgh Steelers-WIN
I think we're getting the Steelers just at the right time here. Last year we almost beat them and they had their full team out. Their defense will have its usual bite with Pola but their without Big Ben and we're at LP.

Week 3: New York Giants-LOSS
Our first loss of the season will be at the New Meadowlands stadium. I just don't think we will be able to beat the Giants there, they are a good team with a lot of good players and are at home so they get the win.

Week 4: Denver Broncos-WIN
I think this will be a test for us as in my opinion the Broncos are really underrated going into this season but they are missing playmakers on both sides of the ball with Dumervil our on defense and Marshall gone from their offense we should win this game.

Week 5: Dallas Cowboys-LOSS
You never know we could win this one but I doubt it, the Cowboys are a highly touted team to win the SB this year and you can see why, they have a team of stars on offense and defense. You never know with the Cowboys but with them at home and with a really good team we'll probably lose.

Week 6: Jacksonville Jaguars-WIN
The Jaguars are the annual 4th place holders in the AFC South this year and I don't see that changing. They are the team I dislike the least in the division but thats for good reason MJD is really the only person that needs stopping and if we do that then home or a away we should win.

Week 7: Philadelphia Eagles-WIN
This will be a really tough game to win for us. The Eagles are always a good team but they will be at the bottom half of their division this year in my opinion with the Giants and Cowboys ruling that roost. I think we will only just grab the victory on this one because I am not entirely convinced by Kolb carrying their offense nearly as well as McNabb did and LeSean McCoy does not really enspire me at the RB position.

Week 8: San Diego Chargers-LOSS
This will be the game Vince will want to win after his worst game last season against them. But as much as i'd like to give us the win the Chargers don't lose that often in the regular season and I think they will pass us to death in this one despite them probably not having Vincent Jackson.

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: Miami Dolphins-WIN
This will be a very close game but I can see us beating the Dolphins. I don't think Henne can carry that offense even with all its weapons you need a QB to perform and there is a reason why they use so many wildcats. I can see this being a close and great game like it was last year but our defense is much improved since then so they will have a greater struggle to score.

Week 11: Washington Redskins-WIN
We are playing at LP Field week 11 versus the Redskins and even with Shanahan and McNabb present there they really don't worry me nearly as much as they should. I don't think their passing game will be that great because who is their receiver? And are they guaranteed a strong running game? I'm not so sure. We will outscore them.

Week 12: Houston Texans-LOSS
Always a close and great game this is a borderline loss which could turn into a win. But i'm giving it to the Texans as they are at home and eventhough im not even 50% confident this result will happen they are at home so I give it to them for that reason. Also as much as I hate to say it, they are forming a really good team down there in Houston.

Week 13: Jacksonville Jaguars-WIN
We are at LP this time in week 13 against the Jags and I can see a high score put up by the Titans in this one. If the Houston loss does happen we will be really fired up and it could be a blowout. Jacksonville have a tough schedule and might have to prioritise other games.

Week 14: Indianapolis Colts-LOSS
As long as Peyton Manning is there this will be the usual occurance every year. We could pop out a win against them here as it is at LP and we will always give them a tough game, most of their fans say its as tough as it comes. But hey they got to the Super bowl what can I do?

Week 15: Houston Texans-WIN
Were going to win against them, this time its at LP Field and I think we will be too strong for them at home. It will be a tough game but the worst case scenario is a 1-1 against them I can't see us losing both to them and we will outscore them at home so I give Titans the win.

Week 16: Kansas City Chiefs-WIN
We will outscore and overpower the Chiefs even if it is at the New Arrowhead Stadium. I do like the Chiefs but we will beat them, CJ will probably break an 80+ in this one. I am looking forward to seeing their 1st round draft pick Eric Berry against us as I really rate the guy. KC will bring virtually no pass rush to the table though and our defense can hold them to a low score.

Week 17- Indianapolis Colts-LOSS
Why do they have to be in our division!?!? This time its away and I think even if some Titans fans disagreed with me and thought we could win at LP you won't here. The Colts are tough as it is but at home....I don't think so. I hate the Colts!

Overall record: 10-6

Summary: This should be enough for a wildcard spot and from there-on anything can happen. I am hopefull we can make it far this year and the Titans will have a Super Bowl win in the next 5 years I truly believe. If we can keep our stars and improve year on year with our young stars theres no reason we can't do it.

05.11.2010, 04:27 AM
nizzuh please.