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28.11.2010, 01:30 PM
I spent a few hours today looking over the Redskins Roster, and which starters
from this year would be good enough to start next season, i have decided that
11 of the 22 starters from this years opener i would start next year.

This is my 11,

QB - Mcnabb
WR - Moss(slot receiver)
TE - Cooley
RT - Brown
LT - T Williams

DE - Carriker
OLB - Orakpo
ILB - Mcintosh
CB - Rogers(just gets in)
CB - Hall
S - Landry

This leaves the Redskins needing

RB, WR, RG, C, LG, FB, - DE, NT, ILB, OLB, S.

What do you fellow Skins think about next years team?

fyodor dostoevsky
28.11.2010, 05:34 PM
Maybe unfair on our two rookie RB's but its a reasonable assessment. Plenty of guys over 30. When people say we are rebuilding I dont think they realise how long it could take - its not just in terms of position and ability but the average age of the team.

29.11.2010, 11:42 AM
Can see where you're coming from but it's really the owner who has killed this franchise. can't see the point of signing McNabb when the defense is in total disarray, 3-4 is a big mistake, if you are going to rebuild a team do it across the board, I as a fan could take the losses if that were the case. Can never see us winning the big one with Snyder at the helm.

29.11.2010, 03:39 PM
I would give Fletch another year and would like to see more of
Heyer at Guard to see if he can cut it there but end his time at Tackle,
Come the draft I would take the best Center on the board 1st round and
take a Guard in the second.

Harwich Hog
11.02.2011, 12:47 PM
RB - Ryan Torain
TE - Chris Cooley
WR - Santana Moss
WR - Anthony Armstrong
LT - Trent Williams
LG - Kory Lichtensteiger
RT - Jamaal Brown

DE - Adam Carriker
NT - Anthony Bryant
ROLB - Brian Orakpo
ILB - London Fletcher
SS - Laron Landry
CB - Carlos Rogers
CB - DeAngelo Hall

11/22 is a massive turnover of players from any starting lineup!! I'd be a tad more conservative. I've come up with the players that I would be happy seeing back. 14/22.

12.02.2011, 12:22 AM
Can't say I disagree with you too much there, Harwich. Although I'd say those are all guys I'd definitely want on my roster, making a significant contribution in a game as opposed to all starters. Think I'd go for a change of pace back to split carries almost evenly with Torrain. I think Lichtensteiger is a valuable player, but if an upgrade were possible, I'd either move him or use him as a backup. Anthony Bryant should also be splitting time with another player, too. I would like to see Rogers and Moss back if possible - they're not elite players, but I like what they can do and with the amount of work needed to be done over the offseason, if they can be signed to 2-3 year contracts (or forward weighted ones) I think they'll more than capably play their positions.

12.02.2011, 02:42 AM
Whichever players we keep,whichever players we release,whichever players we sign......still got a feeling I`ll be burying my head in my hands all seaon long....

JD for breakfast
13.02.2011, 06:12 PM
Most people seem to be saying that this draft is heavy with defensive talent so hopefully we'll be able to address a few things for the future on that side of the ball. I'm hoping that Von Miller is still there at #10