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13.01.2011, 07:13 PM
Bit of a season review, bit of a look to the future assuming we get a new CBA.

QB: McNabb flopped but due to his contract and the need of other teams elsewhere I believe he has trade value. I think a 4th or 5th rounder is doable especially if a couple of teams show interest. Grossman looked more comfortable in the system and is worth bring back to start short term and back up for the long term. I'd consider a 2 year deal with an option for a 3rd and some nice incentives if he plays well. Beck can come back to compete for the 3rd spot. I'm expecting a high pick spent on a QB, possibly Jake Locker.

RB: Torain looks great when he is healthy but can he stay that way? He should be back and given the chance though. I think it's the end for Portis, love his play and he could still offer something especially as a pass blocker but he has a high salary ($8m+) and is another injury concern. I don't think the team can afford to take the chance. Kieland Williams looks a useful guy in the passing game and can make a contribution whilst Andre Brown and James Davis can compete in camp but I could see another back being brought in via a low draft pick to compete.

FB: Mike Sellers can still play and I like Darrel Young as the future and a special teams guy. Nothing to change here.

WR: Moss, whilst the drops and odd fumble are frustrating is well worth bringing back. Anthony Armstrong was a nice find and is the type that brings a big play once a game - reminds me of (forgive me for swearing) former Cowboy (and Redskin) Alvin Harper. Terrance Austin got a small chance at the end of the season and will be back competing and I'd love to find a way to get Brandon Banks involved 5-10 plays a game. Roydell Williams and the now departed Joey Galloway offered very little so it's a case now of do the staff believe someone like Malcolm Kelly can come in next year and offer something (heard some good reports about him been at all the meetings and working hard in the season despite been on IR but his injury history is horrible) or do they spend a draft pick on the area or go for a vet in free agency? I'd give Kelly the chance but bring in a veteran to compete, I think we have more pressing needs to spend our draft picks on.

TE: Cooley bounced back with his second highest yearly stats but he did have some frustrating drops at times. However, his blocking was better. Fred Davis is capable and has a nose for the end zone so he should return too but he offers nothing as a blocker. I liked the little I seen of Logan Paulsen so this area can pretty much stand pat going into 2011.

OL: Trent Williams showed flashes of his ability but he did also get beat badly and give up some daft pens at times. I love his attitude though, firing guys up on the field and he played through some niggles too so hopefully the future is bright. Jamaal Brown looked a little lost on the right side at first but seemed to get it together towards seasons end. He's a free agent so I;d try and get him re-signed and go with the same bookends in '11. Inside is more tricky. No one particularly looked great but the bright spot is probably Will Montgomery who should lock up a starting spot in '11. He can play either center or guard and I really liked his brief play at the pivot but he spent most of his time at guard. Casey Rabach gets a fair bit of stick but the staff seem to like him and I know his ability to make the line calls is part of what they like best but he struggles when someone lines up over him. His contract can be voided by the team so be interesting to see what they do. Derrick Dockery is a goner, totally poor scheme fit. Kory LichenlongnameIcan'tspellwithoutlookingattheredski nsrosteronnfldotcom looked a bit overpowered at the left guard spot but improved as the season went on and should at least provide competition but I think we need to look at two new starters here. I think Artis Hicks might well be let go but I think Stephon Heyer stays as a swing guy on the line. He looked best when he played guard but is too tall for the position long term IMO. The likes of Selvish Capers and Eric Cook will get the chance to compete in the mix in '11 but I'd like to see a veteran added for the interior and a mid round pick spent on depth/competition.

DL: Let's just hope we can get something for Haynesworth! Another area that got it's act together as the season came to a close. Anthony Bryant can be the NT or at least part of the rotation, Adam Carriker looks a nice cheap trade addition and once Vonnie Holliday started to play he showed why he's a natural 3-4 end. Phillip Daniels tries but is over the hill now although he wants to carry on playing. He had a couple of good games but disappeared in others. Kedric Golston is average and a free agent I wouldn't re-sign. Kemoeatu looked like a guy who had missed a year - will he be better for it in '11? Not sure I'd take the risk. Jarmon looked like he was getting it and will be better for the experience in '11. At this point then I'd want Bryant, Carriker, Holliday (re-sign) and Jarmon back but we'd need at least 2-3 additions for depth/rotation. I'd like to see at least one pick spent here but it already has some youth in the area so maybe a veteran addition would be smart too.

OLB: I still think Orakpo is better with his hand on the dirt. He has to learn more pass rushing moves but he is a pass rush threat and works his socks off. We need someone opposite though because no one else could make that spot work. If the top pick is spent on a QB and no one in free agency offers the answer I'd go OLB in the 2nd round of the draft. Here's a prediction for you - Andre Carter will go to the Eagles or Giants (who run 4-3's) and be a valuable rotation guy. Chris Wilson is a decent special teams type.

LB: LFB did a lot better than I expected and his leadership is a vital part of the team. Rocky was average at the other spot and as a free agent I don't expect him to be back. I'd like to see Lorenzo Alexander given a chance inside but Perry Riley, despite a couple of daft mistakes on teams might just be the answer. Blades and Henson will compete for depth but maybe if Zo isn't considered here then a veteran or draft pick is added.

CB: Hall is what he is - a gambler - a pass rush would help though. Rogers might be stone handed but I'd rather bring him back than spend lots of money on someone like Scrabble. Phillip B was ok in the nickel and I'd re-sign him too. Kevin Barnes might have a future at safety whilst Bryon Westbrook just finds a way to hang around on the roster.

S: Laron landry was going to the Pro Bowl before injury. Free safety was a mess though and on the roster currently only Kenin Barnes looks like he could be the answer. Kareem Moore is too lightweight, Chris Horton is now a forgotten man and Reed Doughty is a nice depth guy but over matched when starting long term. It's a big risk going with Barnes at the spot in '11 but with other holes elsewhere I'd take the chance and hope an improved pass rush helps.

ST's: Gano was frustrating but I'd give him another chance. Sundberg the same. Punter, we just need a new addition badly. Brandon Banks looks like the future at returns, we have some good coverage guys.

Overall - Biggest needs (assuming key free agents are re-signed and for me that would be Rogers and Brown) - QB, OLB, Line depth, ILB.
Lesser needs - S, RB, P

If we could gain two picks in the mid/low rounds of the draft from Haynesworth and McNabb that would be a bonus.

14.01.2011, 11:18 PM
Shanahan and Allen have been getting a lot of stick across the pond for
the skins 6-10 record, but could they have the last laugh, they only
brought in a couple of big names(Mcnabb and Brown) but with a real GM
we can get rid of now if we want, and we also brought in a handfull of
older free-agents on short term deals, this off-season we can now release
our own older high cap players who no longer produce on the field, which
according to some Skins fans from the US could leave the Redskins $50m
under the cap. I believe that Shana-Allen will keep Grossman as the QB
unless they trade up for the best QB in the draft, and continue to build
through the OL and DL's, we need to bring in 3 new starting interior OL
2 via FA and the other with 2nd round pick, keeping Montgomery and Hicks
as back-ups, then on the DL only Carriker should start who we have on the
current roster, we can then upgrade the other DE and NT, 1 with the 1st
round pick the other via FA, keeping Bryant, Jarmon and possibly Daniels
in the rotation, the other positions we need to upgrade are OLB, WR, RB,
S and CB, i am hoping they spend good money on the OLB, replace Moss
and Portis with younger players either through FA or if we can get a couple
of 4th round picks for Macnabb and Haynesworth use them, re-sign Rogers
and upgrade S via FA, i know thats a lot of money needed for FA's but by
being clever last off-season we can be aggressive this year.

This is if we get a new CBA in place.

15.01.2011, 04:51 PM
I originaly thought we should draft a reciever but i've changed my mind and i think with 2 good TE's and Armstrong and Moss we don't need a new one. Portis is only about 600 yards away from breaking Riggo's record but we need to let him go. With a new QB the offence shouldn't be too much of a problem if the o line holds out.
Defence is what worry's me, only a few years ago our d was solid but this year it was soft. Landry is the key man for our d and we will always strugle without him. We could potentialy get a good deal for Hall and/ or Rodgers, Buchanon should be starting at CB and when we deel Haynesworth we could possibly get a new db.
I don't agree Gano should stay, i give him credit for the ot kicks he got to win us games but some of the chip shots he missed were painful.

JD for breakfast
17.01.2011, 06:01 PM
Rogers is set to be a free agent in the off-season so trading him isn't an option. I think our corners are pretty good as they are if we decide to retain him. A better pass rush would help our secondary no end

brave on the warpath
06.02.2011, 09:23 PM
Just read on the NFL website that the likely hood is that Moss won't be returning to the skins next year after his contract runs out. This is a big blow but hopefully Shanahan will offer him a contract because I think we need him.

07.02.2011, 01:16 PM
Just read on the NFL website that the likely hood is that Moss won't be returning to the skins next year after his contract runs out. This is a big blow but hopefully Shanahan will offer him a contract because I think we need him.

I don't understand the logic in releasing Moss - the current receiving corp aren't the NFL's finest and previous draft picks at WR and TE have yet to blossom.

07.02.2011, 01:49 PM
I think it is time that the Redskins start getting younger in all positions,
Moss is 32 now and with the emergence of Armstrong and co, and then
we can bring in a couple of younger WR's via FA and the Draft. Hopefully
with new CBA there will be plenty to chose from and we will have about
$50m in Cap space to play with.

brave on the warpath
07.02.2011, 06:30 PM
I don't understand the logic in releasing Moss - the current receiving corp aren't the NFL's finest and previous draft picks at WR and TE have yet to blossom.

Armstrong is a quaility reciever, Cooley and Davis can cause a lot of trouble for a defence but i agree with you that we need Moss in as a 4th consistant recieving target. I hope we hang on to him because with so many needs elswhere we need to hang on to the good playmakers we've got, i'm all for bringing in new talent which is an obvious need but i really think that the likes of Cooley and Moss can help lead the new guys and show them what it means to play for the redskins.

JD for breakfast
07.02.2011, 09:25 PM
I like the way we used Santana Moss more out of the slot. At his age he probably hasn't got the breakout speed that used to make him a genuine deep threat but I think he still has the quickness and footwork to be a more-than-useful underneath reciever, like Wes Welker does for the Patriots to such great effect. I'd be happy to see Moss in the burgundy and gold again next year, although I imagine he would be offered lesser terms than what he's curently on

13.02.2011, 09:51 PM
Reading a few posts from the States and it looks like Moss is looking
for a deal of 3 years at $5m a year, and Allen is waiting to see what
happens with the CBA before any moves are made.

I can't believe that the Redskins have at last got a GM worth his salt
and about $50m in possible Cap space and we might not be able to use
it if the CBA is not sorted.