View Full Version : 2011 Draft who do we pick?

20.01.2011, 09:38 PM
This would be my perfect draft for the Titans:

Round 1 : Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
Round 2 : Drake Nevis DT LSU
Round 3 : Christian Ponder QB Florida State
Round 4 : Casey Matthews LB Oregon
Round 5 : Jake Kirkpatrick C TCU
Round 6 : Zach Hurd OG Connecticut
Round 7 : Allen Bradford RB USC

It would be a great draft class and obviously I also want the Titans to re-sign Babin, Tulloch, Collins, Ball, Shaw (who was born in Exeter), Thornton and possibly Moss from free agency. We also need major pick ups at QB, SS, LB (Greenway) and on the o-line. But I would be so so happy if they drafted like this, or atleast get all the players in the positions I have chosen. I hope to god we don't wast a pick on a WR.

Who do you guys want us to draft?

24.01.2011, 08:42 PM
That draft looks almost perfect to me. Not sure who zach hurd is or Jake Kirkpatrick, but the others look good. I want a CB in the first round also. I think Akamura and Peterson look good, with longhorn Aaron Williams also maybe having alot of potential (he could also fall to the 2nd round but I doubt it since the secondary is such a need for many teams this year).

Nevis is also a good choice because I think we need to get a bit bigger at DT. Sure he's not massive or anything (think he's under 300 anyway) but it's not like we play 3-4.....

Not sure if there's any point in taking Ponder. Maybe if we took him and gave him a try (never know, could be a steal) out this season with a veteran starting the team (prob from FA) and then drafted a QB with "real" potential (although looking at the past, sometimes QBs drafted late flourish, whilst high picks choke in the NFL (tom brady??)) next year it would be worth the pick.

Another LB is always a good thing in my book, and if Matthews is anything like his bro (I've only seen a few ducks games - he played well against auburn I thought) he could be worth the pick. I doubt he'll fall to the 4th round though....I'd expect us to pick him in the 3rd maybe and Ponder could fall to the 4th.

I more or less agree with you. We need to address the defense (get a GOOD coordinator who knows how to use his players' strengths!) especially at CB and DT. Finnegan, Verner, Nakamura, Hope, and Griff could be a really good secondary. Our defensive ends are really good. We could use a receiver but I think alot of the offensive problems stem from poor coordination and a lack of consistency at the QB position (I'm not a fan of Heimerdinger....I think he's too conservative and not imaginative enough to be honest, we could use a more dynamic offensive gameplan). We're sweet at TE (scaife, cook) and of course have CJ who can be great if he gets the ball (which he didn't enough this year - in my opinion he could be used more in the short passing game with some original/clever play design. I would like to see moss back but to be honest until we get a consistent QB he'll only be money wasted.

Looking forward to seeing who we take, and maybe even moreso, who we get to fill key staff positions (Jim washburn, chuck cecil leaving, heimerdinger with cancer etc) for next season....if there is a season this year....

25.01.2011, 07:28 PM
I would also like this draft:

Rd 1- Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
Rd 2- Marvin Austin DT North Carolina
Rd 3- Kris O'Dowd C USC
Rd 4- Kelvin Sheppard LB LSU
Rd 5- Joe Lefeged SS Rutgers
Rd 6- Zach Hurd OG UConn
Rd 7- Allen Bradford RB USC

19.03.2011, 09:42 PM
I mainly agree withyou but i find it unlikey to find ponder and possibley Akumura when we are picking in at 8, however i think unless we pick up a QB in free agency (which would be limited and pointless) or a trade (have to be a very talented asset), then i would definatly love to see the titans picking up a talented QB in the first round seeing as with some luck we should be out of the bottom 10 next year.
It would be intresting to hear your views on this.