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30.01.2011, 01:21 PM
Step 1: Hire Perry Fewell as our new Head Coach.

Perry is perfect for us, he brings great energy and a skill to get the best out of his players. He would bring new optimism to Tennessee and reinvigorate our team. He has a great resume and has been an NFL coach for a long time now. He is still only 48 and has his best coaching years ahead of him. He would also fill up the DC spot possibly with himself as he has run a 4-3 defence in NY this year.

Step 2: Sign Donovan McNabb

We need a veteran QB and Donovan is just that. He will bring consistancy to the QB position which we have not had and has been one of our downfalls and he also has the ability to coach up any rookie QB we might get. He would start next season and provide a consistant presence until our new QB is ready.

Step 3: Free Agency: We need to add in free agency and resign in free agency. We need a safety, more help on our defensive line and more help on our offensive line. We could use an SS like Dawan Landry because Chris Hope missed a billion tackles this year or maybe Bernard Pollard. Albert Haynesworth is a possibility but with Fish and Wash out it looks more unlikely.

But we need to resign some key players: Jason Babin, Stephen Tulloch, Ahmard Hall and Tim Shaw. All of these players are key to the core of our team and are needed to help with the rebuilding process. Especially Babin who has come up with a stellar pro bowl year and his signing is key if we don't want to use up another early draft pick on a DE.

Step 4: The Draft, my mock draft is as follows:

Rd 1- Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
Rd 2- Marvin Austin DT North Carolina
Rd 3- Christian Ponder QB FSU
Rd 4- Kelvin Sheppard LB LSU
Rd 5- Joe Lefeged SS Rutgers
Rd 6- Zach Hurd OG UConn
Rd 7- Allen Bradford RB USC

All of these guys would push for a place in our team:

Prince could be a shutdown corner and leave Finnegan and Verner to be more aggresive in their style of play.

Austin would fill up the holes in our defensive line and help against both the run and passing plays.

Ponder would be the developmental rookie QB who can learn from a vet and progress into a starter.

Sheppard would challenge for a place at linebacker. He is a great leader and a sure tackler and would instantly help our team.

Lefeged is a solid SS and is good against the run and pretty good in coverage. He is a good tackler and would not miss as many tackles as say.....Chris Hope. He would challenge for a place with Rolle.

Hurd is a big OG, he has the ability and size to play all across the line and could be a starter at guard for us with Leroy Harris being terrible last season.

Allen Bradford would be CJ's relief guy and our short down back. He is a big back, like Blount, and would be used for goal line situations and short yardage situations. He is definately the type of back we need to relieve CJ some of the strain and create more of a power back, quick back combo like when LenDale was here.



01.02.2011, 02:18 PM
can't believe we let go of blount last year.....stupid.

i agree with you on the whole. don't know anything about the last few draft picks, though. Definitely think we need someone new in the door to coach, not to allow one of our position coaches do it.....

06.02.2011, 04:06 AM
I agree with you guys.