View Full Version : Best news of the offseason yet for Falcons fans...

13.04.2011, 12:39 PM

The key-line of the article above...

"Falcons linebacker Coy Wire and right tackle Tyson Clabo are running the team’s offseason conditioning program"

Two free agent players leading the workouts. They want to stay with the team and their team mates. More important out of the two is Clabo, he's part of that superb offensive line unit we would be over the moon to keep together with 3 of them FA's.

Admittedly he could be putting himself in the shop window as a leader if and when the Free Agency opens up, either way, I see this as commitment for now, and a reason to have the best contract we can possibly offer him ready when the lockout is over.

steven a h
13.04.2011, 03:31 PM
well done to them showing the will to win

14.04.2011, 07:38 AM
well done to them showing the will to win

I had no doubt about that anyway, but I really couldn't blame Tyson Clabo for staying away a little, knowing that if free agency comes around, he could be in line for some big big money.

My point is that I hope this means Tyson isn't looking elsewhere and he'll do everything he can to remain a Falcon next season.