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26.07.2011, 09:20 PM
1. Sign Matt Hasselbeck DONE

It is no secret that we need a veteran QB to start for us in Week 1 and mentor Jake Locker. Hasselbeck seems the most realistic and best option for us as a franchise. He has ties with the front office as Reinfeldt knew him when has was in Seattle, and he also knows Jake Locker personally. He would cost a bit of money to acquire with competition it seems coming from the 49ers. I would say he would be worth the money for what he could bring to Lockers game and the stability he would have in the locker room.


2. Re-structure CJ2K's contract

Pay the guy! He is the best back in the league bar none. People go on about AP, but he hasn't got 2,000 yards and isn't pencilled into history like CJ is. Let's make it clear, the Titans will get this done. There are no 'ifs' or 'buts' about this. This is going to happen, but I hope it gets done sooner rather than later.

3. Cut Chris Hope and Justin Gage

Chris Hope and Justin Gage are two of the most overpaid players on the Titans roster. Both have not had the expected production in the last couple of seasons and they should be cut to increase the cap space for more progressive signings.

4. Sign Derrick Mason FAIL

The Ravens seem to be cutting Derrick Mason with a view to re-signing him, I say we jump in and bring him back to Tennessee. Kenny Britt has had his issues with the authorities during the lockout which could lead to a several game suspension. Mason is the perfect leader to bring in to the dressing room and a more complete receiver than Justin Gage was.

5. Re-sign Leroy Harris, Dave Ball, Ahmard Hall and possibly Stephen Tulloch 75% DONE

We need to re-sign a few of our players from last season. Leroy Harris looks like the main target to sure up as Munchak sees him as a major part of our offensive line going forward. Ball is the kind of defensive player that can play a role in Jerry Grays new defensive scheme. Ahmard Hall is a leader and is a solid blocker for CJ2K. Tulloch would be nice to have back but not if he commands too much money.

6. Sign a DT in free agency DONE

Munchak and co. have said they will be in the market for a defensive tackle in free agency. Who they will be after remains to be seen, but it is certainly on their to-do lists.

Obvious to-do: Get the draft picks signed, this doesn't need to be on the list. But this also needs to be done ASAP. DONE

27.07.2011, 11:54 AM
You've apparently just completed step 1 - http://twitter.com/#!/AdamSchefter/status/96184432070889473