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24.10.2011, 08:17 AM
Forget playoff dreams or division titles, after last nights GOD AWFUL display can the Titans even win another game.

We got fluky wins, and our games against the Tarps, Stillers and Cows showed just how bad we truly are. The whole team gave up half way through the second quarter, it was a demoralising display and one that no fan should have endured.

Main issues being our O-Line, do we have one? We may as-well line up 4 rugby tackle bags in front of Matt, we'd have more success. CJ2YPC, what the hell is wrong with this guy, the big problem stemming from the Lines inability to open any form of lanes, but when they do open lanes or CJ get's round the edge he does nothing. Last night I watched as he had numerous opportunities to run for some big gains and he simply hesitated, he does nothing for us on offense.

The defense, from being one of the best at the start of the season to one of the worst, talk about Jekyll and Hyde. We KNEW Foster and Tate would be running lots, so how the hell did they get so many yards, STOP PLAYING ZONE D MUNCHAK. So you could forgive giving up so much on the ground as long as we stopped Schaub in the air.... right.... oh wait we couldn't even do that.

Biggest needs are:
*CJ..... Give the ball to Ringer, he has more drive, more passion and while technicially not as proficient as many RB's in the league he's a far better option than CJ and actually fights for extra yards and fights for the Titans.
*WR's.... damn we need a new WR corps, Mariani is woeful, Washington is Mr. Invisible our only safe pair of hands is Cook, a bloody TE.
*Defense.... I don't know what to say, just stop the opposing offense for christ sake
*Matt.... He's a good option at QB for now, and is doing ok behind center, but the teams rebuilding so let's get some fresh meat in at QB, I don't mind losing as long as the Titans are going somewhere.



24.10.2011, 09:06 AM
Sure ya will, you play the Colts again right?

Random Thoughts on this weekend's action is now up @ http://untilkickoff.com

24.10.2011, 05:16 PM
TBH I still think we have a chance to make the playoffs. We need to make some adjustments and for the love of God I hope we sign T.O. But it's not out of the realms of possiblity for us to make the playoffs, every team has a bad stretch, we're on ours. I'm sure we'll bounce back, plus our schedule is still pretty easy in comparison to other teams.