View Full Version : Our un-sung heroes.

06.01.2012, 10:32 AM
Given the epic, record-breaking performances of Brees, Graham and Sproles, it's easy to forget the wealth of talent we have on our roster. So, I thought I'd start a thread to discuss who, other than the "big three" has really impressed this season, but might have been a bit overshadowed or overlooked.

For me, it's Pierre Thomas. Out of our RB-by-committe he seems to be the least talked about, but he made crucuial gains for us week in and week out, becoming a real workhorse, and I can't think of a single bonehead move he's made all season. Here's hoping he continues in to the play-offs!

Which Saints do you think have put in great performances that may have gone a bit under the radar?

06.01.2012, 11:50 AM
Probably not Pierre for me as I think hes having the same type of season he's always had. Going out there and making the plays when it counts.

I've been impressed with our new center, Brian De La Peunte (sp?) especially in the screen game.

In terms of most improved, which I acknowledge isn't your question, then I think its without question Patrick Robinson. The guy looks a completly different player to the one who played last year and who got destroyed by Greg Jennings in Week 1 this season. I can now see why we spent our 1st pick on him in 2010.