View Full Version : Three-way trade possibility?

Harwich Hog
08.02.2012, 10:37 AM
I posted this in the Robert Griffin III thread on ES too - just wondered what you guys think? It's a bit pie in the sky but intriguing possibility none the less...

How likely do you think it is that we see a three-way trade with the Rams and the Vikings?

The result of the trade would see Redskins at #2, Rams at #3 and the Vikings at #6. Colts take Luck, Redskins take Griffin, Rams still get Blackmon, Browns would likely take Richardson at #4, Tampa take Claibourne or Kalil and the Vikings get Kalil or Reiff.

Obviously there's too many unknowns between now and then to predict with any certainty - just being hypothetical at this point. What would be the terms? I don't believe the Rams could command too much compensation as it ensures they still get the player they would have taken at #2. Perhaps Redskins 3rd and 4th rounders? It would then become what compensation the Vikings would receive for moving down from #3 to #6. You'd be looking at either #6 and #39 with perhaps a late Vikings pick in return to lessen the blow of losing so many picks.

Redskins get Griffin and still have their 5th and 7th rounder, Oakland's 4th and two of Minnesota's late round picks (one from the McNabb trade). And no future picks traded!!!

08.02.2012, 06:40 PM
Hmmm..... I'd rather they kept another of their top 100 picks this draft (likely 3rd round), but then again next year's first is probably more desirable. I'm not sure the vikings have too much to gain from this - they could probably get more for their #3 pick, just depends exactly who or how many picks they want.