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Stubbsy #21
25.02.2012, 11:29 AM
Now obviously we don't have 1st round pick this year but my question is:

What direction do you see us going with our 2nd round pick (#55)?

I can see us picking up a TE someone like Colby Fleener from Stanford or Orson Charles from Georgia both have said that they wouldn't mind coming to Atlanta and learning from Tony Gonzalez for at least a year. The only other way I see us possibly going is to go with a pass rushing DE in the draft and that's if we don't go after someone like Robert Mathis or someone similar in free agency or via trade.

I say this as I see us addressing O-Line issues through free agency or trade maybe picking up a LT like Marcus McNeill, Jared Gaither or Demetrius Bell. In the draft franchise LTs generally get drafted in the first round so we could go for one of the above in the short term and draft someone next year.