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04.03.2012, 09:51 PM
London Fetcher is a free-agent and is believed to want a Ray Lewis like contract
of around $24m over 3 years from the Redskins, even though he has been one of
our best players over the last 5 years i think he is asking to much. He has said
he will look elswhere if not signed by the opening of FA on march 13th, I would offer
him $5m a year and use the other $3m upgrading other needs, Shana-Allen are
finally getting it right by signing hungry younger FA's and giving Fletcher ?8m a year
is going back to the Cerrato days.

What are your thoughts?

07.03.2012, 07:48 PM
It would leave a huge hole on this team if he left, but equally it would screw the team if his play dropped due to his age after signing a big contract. If a deal isn't reached, it will be because the risk-reward ratio is too high. It will be a tragic shame, but the best-run organisations know when to let go of their veterans.

FWIW, Extrememskins are running a London Fletcher appreciation thread/twitter campaign for his re-signing. Maybe it won't amount to much, but I've shown my love for London there.

18.04.2012, 06:08 PM
He got a 5 year deal with $5.25m guaranteed. For cap purposes it's 5 years but voidable after 2. He gets a $3.5m signing bonus and a $1.75m guaranteed salary in '12 counting $2.45m on the cap.