View Full Version : Nike uniform??

georgia dome
05.04.2012, 06:11 AM
Big let down on the Falcons uniform for me?
was expecting some changes?
Does anyone know why we had no changes at all?

Stubbsy #21
06.04.2012, 04:59 PM
Because we will next year (apparently)

georgia dome
07.04.2012, 07:41 PM
So how do you know that mate?
Achange next year,
and why we waiting a year do you know?
Thx mate...

Stubbsy #21
07.04.2012, 09:14 PM
Fraid I don't have a link but there was something on nfl.com when the Nike jerseys were unveiled which said we were sticking with our current ones for the moment.

There was also some chatter on the forums about how we may be changing uniforms.

Both only rumours though so it may or may not happen.

12.04.2012, 08:58 PM
Probably just couldn't get designs down in time, even if do change will not be much different
don't think tend to make minor changes to strips

05.05.2012, 06:27 PM
The NFL probably wants to standardise as much a possible and not let Nike just run wild like they can in the NCAA

23.05.2012, 10:15 AM
The only difference i see with the AF tops is a switch in logo, from Reebok to Nike, the rest seems the same. I know its better quality, but view wise.

23.05.2012, 10:29 AM
They probably were reigned in by the NFL with their stylings