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29.05.2012, 11:26 AM
Just thought I would start a thread predicting who they think there starter will be with some explanations from people. I'll start off


QB: Robert Griffin III. Simple.
RB: Evan Royster. Going out on a limb here and saying that Royster will start from day one with Helu being third down back. Shanahan likes to mix up his RBs, but I think Royster's showing from the end of last year and a good off and pre season could secure him it.
FB: Darrell Young. Have been impressed with his play at FB, really physical, plays good special teams also.
WR1: Pierre Garcon. No Brainer, I expect big things, but think he will be able to produce, Garcon to the Pro Bowl this year. (If it happens.)
WR2: Josh Morgan. A lot of people tipping Leonard Hankerson, but once again like last year I think he will be eased into the line up, maybe start if Morgan does not produce. Santana Moss to line up in the slot.
TE: Fred Davis. Another no brainer, franchise tagged, great athlete, load of potential.
LT: Trent Williams. Another player with big chip on his shoulder, all to prove this year, tonne of potential.
LG: Kory Lichtensteiger. Showed promise before getting injured. If he has a strong camp and pre-season, he will start.
C: Josh LeRibeus. Another surprise. Another rookie and a third round pick. Would like to see him and RG3 grow together. Will Montgomery to back up and supply further guard depth.
RG: Chris Chester. Bit disappointed by Chester from last year considering how much he is getting paid, will see if he progresses, if he doesn't he could be on the chop block soon.
RT: Jammal Brown. Still believe Brown will be given another chance due to his potential. Been to Pro Bowls and could be a book end if he gets over his injury problems.

DEFENSE. Once again operating in Jim Haslett's 3-4.

NT: Barry Cofield. No brainer.
DE: Stephen Bowen. No brainer.
DE: Adam Carriker. Big hype about Jarvis Jenkins, last years second rounder, but at the present it's still Carriker's to lose who had a very good 2011.
OLBs: Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan. Set in stone, this wont change unless one becomes injured. Expect Kerrigan to grow and I would love to see Orakpo get more sacks, but I just get the feeling I am going to be underwhelmed by him (again) this season, fair enough he does get held by linemen a ridiculous amount, but I expect Kerrigan to develop into a force and force many turnovers. Potentially, both Pro Bowlers, wait and see.
ILBs: London Fletcher and Perry Riley. No surprises here, Fletcher is 100% pencilled in, but the second spot is up for grabs. If John Goff is healthy, expect to also push for this spot. Staying in the division, Goff should feel he has a point to prove to the Giants.
CB1: DeAngelo Hall. Hmmmm. Can be great some weeks, but mostly he just makes me extremely mad.
CB2: Josh Wilson. Solid corner, nothing too flashy, gets the job done. TAKE NOTE DHALL#23
FS: Tanard Jackson. Guy can cover, couldn't tackle at all last season, but was playing with a bum shoulder. I think Raheem Morris can get the best out of him and hopefully playing for his home team gets the best out of him.
SS: Reed Doughty. I will probably get shot down for this, but I really like Doughty. He is great against the run and I think he will start on first downs. Don't like Merriweather at all, I think he will end up getting cut on final rosters. Doughty to start and bring in a better cover safety on obvious passing downs. Strong safety completely up for grabs.

Anyone anything to add or say, go ahead!

03.06.2012, 03:47 PM
I know you said you were going out on a limb, but I think it's difficult to pin one back as a starter, even without possible injuries. Unless one of the backs makes a statement in the pre-season, I expect Helu and Royster to split starts, depending on what they plan on doing early on in games. Helu has the better speed of the two.

LeRibeus isn't a bad shout - you'd hope a 3rd round pick gets significant playing time and if he shows more than Montgomery did last season (he was neither particularly great nor a liability), he could start at center. Likewise, if Lichtensteiger doesn't return to pre-injury form or if Chester shows himself to be the weak link in the line, he could fill in for either. He may not be a week 1 starter, though.

If Jenkins continues to show the potential he showed prior to injury, he'll start. Carriker isn't bad, but the coaches rave about Jenkins and I think he brings more to the position.

I suspect Hall may continue to be #1, but watch this space for developments. He's been used in the slot a lot in OTAs and articles going around at the moment talk about trying to use him like Charles Woodson to maximise his strengths and reduce his liabilities. There's also rumours of interest in Aquib Talib, but that ultimately may lead nowhere.

Safety is a tough one, but I don't think Reed Doughty starts. He's too limited as a player, so it shouldn't be too hard for someone else to beat him out. He's largely been working second team in OTAs and has a great use as a special teams player (I respect the guy's work ethic and the fact that he continues to make the team each year). Griffin vs Jackson is an intersting battle to watch, depending on where Griffin shows his best value to the team. Merriweather, like him or not, is viewed as a replacement for Landry - it's what he did best for New England, but he does come across as an idiot. Don't rule out Dejon Gomes, either.

03.06.2012, 06:26 PM
A bold post, NielMuir, but my thoughts are more in line with Goo.

But camp is only 8 weeks away and we will learn more.