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12.09.2012, 04:19 PM
So anything different you hope to see in the Saints gameplan for this week? Any players you reckon will have a bounceback performance?

12.09.2012, 06:15 PM
It's an interesting one with the Panthers really struggling against the Bucs in their opener too. They're going to be looking to bounce back as much as we are.

I'm not sure I'd hope to see anything different in our gameplan as such. I don't think there's necessarily a fundamental problem there (although there's an argument about the merits of passing to set up the run), it's perhaps more that the execution was letting us down. Clumsy passes being dropped, stupid penalties, missed tackles. The penalties in particular. Some of those really hurt us, they were avoidable, and without those it might have been a different result.

I expect both us and the Panthers to be better than we were in our opening games. 30-27 was the score in the corresponding fixture last season - a similarly close high-scoring game this time wouldn't surprise me.

12.09.2012, 09:47 PM
The penalties in particular. Some of those really hurt us, they were avoidable, and without those it might have been a different result.

Agreed, that was probably what killed our chances against the 'Skins in my opinion. Kept being left with 1st and longs and stuff, and we couldn't really do much from there. Hopefully the good coaching folk at NOLA sort our false starts and holding penalties out.

NO 30 - 24 CAR

13.09.2012, 02:49 AM
One thing that will definitely change is Drews completion percentage, on Sunday he had his lowest percentage since '06. That will change and with it I think our run game will improve, hoping to see pt cruiser and ingram rack up some meaty yards this week. Still be a close game though. We do sneak it still in my opinion.

13.09.2012, 08:48 AM
We need to run the ball more. Carolina's run defense was shocking last year.

We also need to generate some sort of pass rush without sending the house. From what I've seen last season and on Sunday is that Cameron Jordan is pretty strong against the run but hasn't got that breakout speed to hurry the QB.

I wouldn't mind seeing more of Martez Wilson in that spot.

Finally, we need to stop those silly drops. Morgan dropped two fairly simple ones in succession and Colston had one or two as well. Plus it looks like Devery could be out with concussion.

13.09.2012, 10:10 AM
Carolina had problems of their own, running the ball last weekend. The winner will be the team that improves their run game the most. And in my opinion, that'll be the Saints.

16.09.2012, 08:37 PM
Well... we managed to stop giving away daft penalties. And our third down efficiency was better (admittedly, it would be hard for it to be worse). And we ran the ball more, and ran it well too.

Still dropping passes though - seems we don't even trust the active WRs given how many attempts to them were even made - and still, hmm, how to put it... making it a little too easy for the other side's offense?

Chiefs next at the Dome. A must win.

16.09.2012, 08:53 PM
Just yuk.

- No pass rush (again)
- No protection for Brees - O-Line looking average as predicted. The tackles were both terrible
- Brees himself looking below par without his partner Payton. The pick 6 was bone-headed.
- WR's dropping balls - 'nuff said
- Run Defense - embarrassing.

To me this was worse than last week. And showing no sign of improvement is deeply concerning. We've conceded nearly 1000 yards in two games!

17.09.2012, 01:37 AM
Just yuk.

That says it all.

24.09.2012, 09:31 PM
Who is the likely number 1 draft pick ??

24.09.2012, 11:00 PM
Who is the likely number 1 draft pick ??

I'd trade it, we don't need Barkley :p Honestly though, our first-round pick better go towards picking a monster pass rusher or cornerback. Our defence is shambolic at best. This week our offence was pretty crap in the second half too.

25.09.2012, 10:29 PM
Thats' what I'm thinking - to be honest I thought after all the mud slung at them they would be firing on all cylinders but they seem to have gotten worse.

26.09.2012, 12:01 PM
I'd trade it, we don't need Barkley :p Honestly though, our first-round pick better go towards picking a monster pass rusher or cornerback. Our defence is shambolic at best. This week our offence was pretty crap in the second half too.

You know, I read this yesterday and I've been trying to thrash out a thought / gut-reaction / nagging feeling since then, so bear with me if this doesn't make a lot of sense but..... If we get the Number 1 pick in the draft, why don't we want Barkley?

The obvious reaction is because we've got Brees, but in a league built on "What have you done for me latley?", maybe someone should put that question to him? Let's look at what he's done for us since we gave him $100M - 7 TDs, 5 INT's and a completion percentage of 54.7, his worst ever ration including his rookie year. Let's compare these stats to a few other QB's around...

Joe Flacco: 6TD, 2INT, 64.5 PCT
Matt Ryan: 8 TD, 1INT, 72.0PCT
Matt Schaub: 5 TD, 1INT, 65.5 PCT

And these gentlemen are winning games for their teams, while interceptions are killing ours.

Let's look at the case for taking (as a purely hypotetical example) Barkley if we got the number 1 pick:

The money - $100M could go a long way to securing a decent pass rush, a decent CB and maybe someone to help stop the run, while we'd be paying Barkley rookie money.

Health / Age - Brees has already had one major injury / surgery run that lead to one team cutting him and only 2 others being interested in picking him up. At 33 he's in to the later part of his career, chances are this contract will be his last and where do we go after that? Chase Daniel? Somehow I don't see him being a long-term replacement, and if we're going to have a lousy season shouldn't we be looking to use what it brings us to set us up long-term and nail on the franchise QB for the next ten or fifteen years?

Value - We're way down in terms of draft picks and we have some huge holes that need filling. Let's look at what the Raiders gave up for Carson Palmer and crank that up 25% for what we would get in trade value for Brees from a team desperate for a QB now, not one for the next fifteen seasons.

Heart - I'm starting to question Brees'. There, I said it. This off-season he proved he's as much about the money as any other player or any of the evil owners the public thought were clinging on to the purse-strings. He's also hardly been a vocal leader in SP's absence.

I'm not saying it would be the answer to all of our prayers, and we are only a few weeks in to the season but if things keep going the way the are, if we don't make the play-offs, if we finish less than breaking even let alone getting the number 1 pick, it'd be crazy to think Mr's Loomis, Payton, Vitt and Benson won't be having a conversation along these lines....

Just food for thought, I guess.

26.09.2012, 12:36 PM
I aired the view somewhere else during his contract holdout saying if we "hypothetically"
could do a deal swapping Brees for Locker, maybe get a couple of picks as well, then
I would be pretty chuffed.
I'm not throwing him under a bus and I know what he has done for the Franchise, but
with him taking up 20% of the cap we are going to be left with average players across
the squad. He can't do it all himself although it does look like he tries to sometimes
with disaterous results, like in Carolina.

Against the Chiefs we failed to make a single passing 1st down in the 4th Qtr and OT.
That may be down to a number of factors, I didn't see the game, but even so it's
pretty poor. The D may be getting all the heat but it can't be denied that the O has
plenty of questions.

Carmichael seems to use a fraction of the playbook that Payton did and besides the
opening drive , it's almost as if the O has been shut down, not just by the opposition
but by the play calling. Maybe the opposing DC's have got wise to the Saints O
and have taken away a lot of his reads, but it just seems almost like we are
tanking the season deliberately.I made a joke about that on another thread, but
I'm beginning to believe it.

or maybe it's just the dodgy refs;)

30.09.2012, 11:40 AM
I don't know why, but I have this feeling that we're gonna beat the Packers in Lambeau tonight. Don't have much of a basis, except that we'll win the shootout.

05.10.2012, 10:47 AM
i think its unfair to fully blame Brees, we have lost half our coaching staff due to bounty gate remember and we had no first and second round picks in the draft. and you guys must have seen how our o-line and defense have been playing too.

I just dont think we can thrown the blame solely on Brees