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27.11.2012, 05:17 PM
After that embarrassing loss to the Jaguars on Sunday I think we need to looks ahead at the draft an team needs. Here are several players who I would be interesting in taking this upcoming draft:

1st round: Damontre Moore - DE - Texas A&M


Fantastic production in the SEC as a 4-3 system end. I think Derrick Morgan is an O.K defensive end, but he is really not a starter in this league in my opinion. A rotation between him an Moore with Wimbley on the other side next season could mean good things for our production at the defensive end position.

2nd round: Matt Elam - SS - Florida

To be quite frank our safety play is atrocious and may need an entire overhaul. Babineaux and co. at the strong safety position just aren't cutting it and a sure tackler and playmaker like Elam will come in and start immediately. Last years draft pick Markelle Martin (who has been injured all season) should also come in and compete for a starting spot.

3rd round: Mike Gillislee - RB - Florida

We turn back to Florida again in the next round and pick up CJ2K's true back up RB. Ringer and Harper both don't cut it at the position and Gillislee is a true running back that can do everything and has on occasion carried the Florida offense.

03.12.2012, 08:38 PM
Everything hinges on what draft pick we get really. I would be trying out different things for the next 4 games now and wouldn't be unhappy with a 4-12 finish. Play offs isn't happening this year so lets look at this years roster regarding who we can keep for the future and also secure early draft picks for next season...