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16.01.2013, 11:37 AM
Ok so we fall at the same hurdle twice in a row, where do we go from here?
It's obvious we need to fix the secondary and WR both will likely be targeted in the draft with the potential of picking up a solid receiver in Free Agency too.

I also think we need more speed defensively, particularly at linebacker. Barwin was woeful, his contract renewal should be a take it or leave it deal he's not played to earn a nice contract. Mercilus needs to be included more and more, I liked what I saw and with Cushing back it will make a massive difference!!

There are talks of QB competition but I only see that happening if Kubiak is replaced which I can't see happening

Scots Warrior
16.01.2013, 07:14 PM
It's how you bounce back alright.....

2 trips to the AFCG and we have progressively (to begin with) crumbled away from ground and pound - to ground the ball - to ran a ground!

Use our model as what not to follow :rolleyes:

You've good foundations in place but a team like the Pats will always help highlight what you're missing.

On D: Pass rush could have been better. You leaked a bit too much on 3rd down passes. But otherwise, no huddle Pats aside, I thought you looked ok.

Offensively: Foster didn't get going until too late in the game. Any idea why? I thought it was a bit odd as he more often comes out firing? And Schaub just needs to up the accuracy and bet a few more weapons at his disposal.

The tailing off at the end of the season has hammered you I'd say. Shoulda pumped them Colts.

16.01.2013, 11:03 PM
To ground and pound you need a heavy back to carry the load/complement Greene. Could Eddie Lacey be the man to snag this year?
On D you guys have Revis to retun and weren't even that bad this year.

I completely agree with you on our pass rush, would like to see more of Mercilus on 3rd and longs. The Pats hurry up didn't allow for many subs though.
As for Foster, I don't know. The line play has taken a step back from last year, especially on the right side. Sometimes though you have to say well played Wilfork and co. they stuffed the middle. The Pats would expose the majority of NFL teams that's why I think the whole '12-4 was a fluke' line being batted about is a bit of a knee jerk reaction.
We do have it tough next year though. A second year Andrew Luck and games away to Baltimore and San Fran. Big year for Kubiak

20.01.2013, 09:52 PM
My tuppence...Cushing was sorely missed. He's one of my favourite players and he plays like a machine- high tempo and great work ethic that rubs off on the D.

As has already been highlighted, The Texans need a good WR to operate alongside Johnson and possibly a slot receiver.

I think an upgrade at QB is also a consideration. I like Schaub but I can't see that there is much more productivity to come from him.

PS where are all the Texans? Great franchise.

21.01.2013, 06:18 PM
Shame theres not more texans fans on these boards. I think Steve might be the only one. The guy who runs the survivor during the season maybe a texan too.

21.01.2013, 08:59 PM
I know we are very few and far between! Yeah Cushing is a leader, he was why we were willing to let Ryans go. As for QB I don't see a guy in the draft falling to 27 that would come in and be an upgrade right away. Hearing big things about Nassib, could he fall to the back of the second round? Doubt it

Came across this http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1484748-houston-texans-mock-draft-7-round-projections-after-east-west-shrine-game
Would make one change, would take Woods in round one and go corner with the second round.
Like the thinking behind the 3rd round pick, adding a coverage ILB, beside Cushing

22.01.2013, 05:34 PM
Nassib keeps getting mentioned with the Bills since Marrone's appointment but obviously it's all just speculation. However he has already shown his willingness to recruit from Syracuse.

What were your thoughts on Barwin? He had a strong season last year but apparently didnt progress this season!

23.01.2013, 03:52 PM
Yeah Barwin was nowhere near the player he was last year. He was down 8/9 sacks from last season and this was with JJ Watt regularly being double teamed.
He still played well against the run and is a tough tackler but I don't see us competing for him in the open market with our cap issues if anyone else is willing to pay him. Will be a solid but not spectacular starter wherever he ends up

24.01.2013, 09:53 AM
Last season I watched some awesome clips of Cushing, Barwin, Watt and Reed training in the gym together and i really got the feeling that they were a tight unit. I would like to think that when Cushing is back then it will help bring Barwin's game up too.

Lorenzo Hampton
24.01.2013, 10:47 AM
I know his stats were down, but from the limited games i saw, he was regularly getting pressure in the backfield, i think people are being a bit too critical of a team that finished 12-4 and lost in the playoffs. I understand the next step is needed, and my persoanl opinion is that the return of Cushing, the addition of a legit no.2 receiver and maybe imrovements in the secondary(although to be fair, they were far better than many others) and the team should improve. Schaub i believe is also about at his level, although there are instances in the past where teams with an average QB have gone on to win things with outstanding defenses and run game, these are few and far between, and perhaps the only way you can truly move onto the next step is with a more dynamic quarterback.

24.01.2013, 12:44 PM
Yeah I don't think people understand just how big a lift the return of Cushing will be to us, he was a true leader in that team! I agree with you I don't think he was awful, he has however de-valued himself and it would be a hugely criticised move to re-sign him for big money with our current cap situation.
As for Schaub I think get him a legitimate second target and he will vastly improve

27.01.2013, 01:59 AM
I think a big FA signing could be what Houston needs. A Revis for CB or a Welker/Jennings for WR. Massive improvement to the team if you got one of the them IMO.

29.01.2013, 09:52 AM
I think the defense is a solid unit, especially with the return of cushing for next season.

I don't think schaub is as bad as some make out. Get him a legitimate second target at wideout and he might have someone else to throw to.

29.01.2013, 08:45 PM
I like the mock drafts that have us taking Minter or Ogletree in the first, sideline to sideline ILB's to complement Cushing and then snatching Woods or Patton in the 2nd round!
Also going by the official Texans website it looks as though texas receiver Marquise Goodwin has definitely caught the eye. Also the mock had us getting a shot at LandryJones in the 4th which again is very interesting