View Full Version : Being a Titans fan on a Monday morning

23.09.2013, 08:29 AM
... Well, it feels a whole lot better than it used to! Waking up, getting the overnight round-up and not having to re-live any cringe play calls, or embarrassing fumbles. On the contrary. I just watched the entire game again over breakfast.

We're 2-1, which may not seem... scrap that, it is impressive but there's much work still to be done. I can't help but romanticize at how near we were to being 3-0 - If we beat Houston on the road, I would probably still be drunk.

However, in the cold light of day, the last two weeks we have either failed to close a game out, or left ourselves with one drive for the win. We could easily be sat here 1-2. Locker is improving leaps and bounds each week, but if I'm honest my heart still skips a beat when he lets the ball go down the field. He is undoubtedly a confidence player. He looks a seasoned veteran in the pocket when he strings a few completions together, but with a 58.6% completion rate, there not going to be enough to get consistent wins. Worth noting that last night he was 62.16%.

Chris Johnson is getting the hard yards, but for a run-heavy offence he is yet to find the end-zone. Still, he is productive, and even on his blocking duties he is improved massively, which was illustrated during Lockers rushing-TD last night. The lanes are clearer for sure, so hopefully over the course of the next few weeks he will open his legs more and more.

On defence.... I just can't remember a better D that we've had. Casey looks like a pro-bowler, Ayers is lightening, Zach Brown is a sacking monster and we are hitting with ferocity, mainly courtesy of a guy who is fast becoming my favorite Titan, Bernard Pollard. If I was knit-picking, I would say I want to see better things from McCorty, I still think he can get a little outclassed sometimes on the big play 3rd downs.

And not to mention, that this is a young-ish side and we are improving each and every week. Our talent and ability is still unexposed, unlike the majority of other teams. Without tempting fate, next week we host New York, which I'm hoping we have shown enough already to beat.

Ahh... the roller coaster ride of emotion that is being a Titans fan.