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XLI 17.02.2013 02:22 PM

Google Maps Lucas Oil Stadium
Incredible access to all parts of the stadium. This is the first venue in the US to get the Google maps treatment and is definitely the next best thing to going to a game! Just go to Google maps and search on Lucas Oil Stadium and drop the man on the stadium. I hope your computer is faster than mine though.:D

sept3rd 17.02.2013 06:37 PM

I must admit that is pretty cool :cool:
amazing stadium too.

cards 18.02.2013 09:32 PM

Awesome! Hope they do this for every stadium.

colonelp 21.02.2013 01:48 PM

Fantastic, are there any othr stadiums this works for?

cards 21.02.2013 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by colonelp (Post 1776693)
Fantastic, are there any othr stadiums this works for?

I don't think so mate.

XLI 24.02.2013 02:00 AM


Originally Posted by cards (Post 1776762)
I don't think so mate.

Google indicates they will do others, but I haven't seen a schedule or even who is next.

andy_m_owen 03.11.2013 04:22 PM

great stuff - was good to see it again.... hope I get to see it live again sometime soon....

Camden Chandler 05.11.2013 01:32 PM

Wonderful. I love to see it

Pick6ix 19.11.2013 01:27 PM

Special that is. amazing what google can do

bobsy 21.11.2013 10:04 AM

oh wow!!! :D Amazing to be able to wander around the stadium like that! Especially for someone like me who's never even been near an NFL stadium! Brilliant to see what it's like inside and imagine what it must be like on game

As for the navigating around it on Google Earth, I think it could do with a small map in one corner to tell where abouts you are in the stadium, as it's a bit difficult to tell where you can and can't go on the programme

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