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andybam86 21.03.2013 02:46 PM

Ed Reed
Hey guys,

just wanted to get your opinions on the 'almost' signing of safety Ed Reed.

I think it's a good but short term solution as i think we need to focus on WR in the draft. I just hope the money going to Reed doesn't hamper our progress too much.


StevenMccormick12 21.03.2013 03:57 PM

Great news! He's a future hall of famer and one of the best ball hawks there has ever been. Just what we need. He has that leadership and winning mentality that we were maybe lacking the last quarter of the season
Agree with you got to go WR in the first round now

StevenMccormick12 22.03.2013 07:15 PM

I am definitely alright with this deal!

Corvus corax 24.03.2013 02:59 AM

You have a legend in your midst. Enjoy him.

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