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SuperRaider 09.09.2015 09:34 AM

Raiders 2015 season prediction
Well it that time again for us to make the annual season predictions......

Think the Raiders will improve; and we will be in every game till the end;

Looking at the schedule and I think the Raiders could go 8-8, because the Browns, Jets and Titans are winable games; plus I think the Raiders will beat the Chargers twice as they have no defense; plus I think the Raiders will split games with the Chiefs and Broncos; and the Raiders have been very successful against the Steelers in the past.......

The Schedule

at Cleveland Browns
at Chicago Bears
at San Diego Chargers
at Pittsburgh Steelers
at Detroit Lions
at Tennessee Titans
at Denver Broncos
at Kansas City Chiefs

iffies 09.09.2015 10:59 AM

I think 6 wins is definitely achievable, I hope so anyway as I've got money on over 5.5 wins at 4/5, in a double with Cooper to win OROY at 15/2. I'm a bit concerned about the cornerback spots - it could be a rough year if they get picked on but the defensive line looks to have been a priority upgrade, so hopefully that will help in getting after the QB.
Losing Menelik was a blow but the rest of the Oline looks solid, and between Howard and McCants there might not be too much of a drop off - I think we'll see lots of Lee Smith as a blocking TE to help out.

SuperRaider 09.09.2015 02:43 PM

Cornerback spot really depends on if the Raiders front four give the QB time to throw; if they can be very quick getting to the QB; then I think the corners will have an easy life....

I think Mack is going to have an all pro year; barring he does not get injured...I think he going to be in every QB face this season....

Felipe 09.09.2015 07:05 PM

I'm hanging onto a 9-7 but figure a 7-9 at best.
That way an 8-8 would sit real well. Hahahaa..
Really depends on those Corners. Real weak spot and
just about any offense is gonna hit that given the time.

LesterHayes 10.09.2015 08:23 AM

I think we'll be more competitive and probably able to stick around in most games, particularly if Mack and Carr improve from last year and Cooper and Murray hit the ground running.

Letting Sio Moore go was a head scratcher for me but I like our D this year and the O should at least be able to convert the odd first down. Schedule looks OK and Denver I think might struggle with Manning at last. Put me down for 5 wins minimum and maybe 8 on a good day.

Felipe 10.09.2015 10:35 AM

Not too sure about Sio going but hip surgery is a harsh one. Get the feeling
there's a little more to it than just that. They already dropped J.Dowling
over off field issues and one of the first things Del Rio came out with was
getting the right attitude. Shame, I liked Sio but maybe that off field attitude
is/was a contributing factor in 10+ lost years. We'll see.
Back on topic though Lester, definitely 5 minimum. Love to see a win over the Broncs. I'm still buzzing over the 49ers last year, hahahaaa..

SuperRaider 10.09.2015 12:38 PM

If Sio Moore was 100% healthy, then I think the Raiders would kept him on...

Anarchy666 11.09.2015 11:36 AM

i see 2 wins, against Cleveland week 3 and home to San Diego towards the end of the season.

then this weeks game at home to Cincy, plus the games at Chicago, home to NY Jets, home to Minnesota and at Tennessee are games i think we'll be competitive enough where the result could go either way

so at worst 2-14, and at best 7-9. hopefully the younger players will take the next steps in their progression so we can eventually become a playoff contender in a few seasons.

boknows34 11.09.2015 07:02 PM

6-10 looks to be par.

LesterHayes 14.09.2015 03:57 PM

Can I just drop my prediction down to the 5 wins mark please?

Same old, same old for most of last night...

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