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stocksy 18.09.2015 01:43 PM

The Good, The Bad and The New England Patriots 2015 version.
Saw in the pats section they had a little game called Good bad and epsn and as we don't have a conspiracy against ESPN I though we would try the same game and what better to have under ugly than the NE Defalators ;) (just a bit of fun)

After each game you say what was good, what was bad and what was ridiculous/ugly/cheating/anything else....

Go.... Week 1

wayne ellis 18.09.2015 02:07 PM


Running game. Ivory ran hard all night and Powell looked good in mop-up duty.

Brandon Marshall. Settled straight in to our Offense, gave an All-Pro CB problems all night and made arguably the key play of the game when he stripped Gipson of the ball after the interception.

Second half Defense. Shut the Browns out after half time and never looked like conceding. Much more like what we expected from them.


First half Defense. Allowed arguably the weakest Offense in the league to march downfield at will and were lucky to only concede 10 points.

The interception. Awful throw from Fitz under very little pressure. Very lucky that Marshall was able to make such a heads up play.

Zero production from the TE's. New England has Gronk, Miami has Jordan Cameron, Buffalo has Charles Clay. With Amaro out, we have probably the most non-descript group of TE's in the league. Not a single catch between them against the Browns. I was surprised we didn't add someone after Amaro went on IR, especially since Davis isn't much more than an extra Lineman.


Cro getting beaten deep for a TD on 3rd and 19. I'm glad his injury wasn't serious but Cro's play worries me. He should be someone we can rely on week after week, not getting torched by a non-entity...

Jetupandgo 19.09.2015 04:35 PM


Originally Posted by stocksy (Post 2212263)
Saw in the pats section they had a little game called Good bad and epsn and as we don't have a conspiracy against ESPN I though we would try the same game and what better to have under ugly than the NE Defalators ;) (just a bit of fun)

After each game you say what was good, what was bad and what was ridiculous/ugly/cheating/anything else....

Go.... Week 1

To be fair I don't think ESPN have a conspiracy against them either. They are just looking for a scapegoat for the reason everyone dislikes them. Heads up guys, its cos you cheat...

Wayne nailed it.

wayne ellis 22.09.2015 10:05 AM

Week 2


DEFENSE! 5 takeaways against one of the most explosive Offenses in the league and made an All-Pro QB look ordinary. After a sloppy first half against the Browns, this unit has bounced back in a big way.

Mo Wilkerson. PAY THE MAN!!!

Marshall and Decker. Don't know if we've ever had a better pair of starting WRs tbh. To get Brandon Marshall for next to nothing was an incredible bit of business. No idea what the Bears were thinking, but thanks guys! :) Decker had a good first season for us, but I think he could be so much better this year with a true #1 wideout playing across from him.

Fitz. Not perfect again but he gives us a steady, reliable veteran presence at the position. He has a good understanding of this Offense and has already developed an understanding with Marshall and Decker. I'm still a Geno supporter, but I don't see him getting back into the team unless Fitz gets hurt, and I'm comfortable with Fitz being the starter. Obviously, he's not the long term answer at his age, but that's not something we need to worry about for now.


Running game. Disappointing we weren't able to have much success on the ground against a very questionable run Defense. Haven't had a chance to fully go over the game film, but I'd suspect that the Colts stacked the line and dared us to beat them through the air. Still, we should have run the ball better than we did...

Cromartie. Can't be too critical of him, as he played his part in a great Defensive performance and he can't have been 100% fit, but he's still something of a weak link in that secondary. Will make the occasional big play, but gives up too many for comfort.

Tight Ends. Two weeks gone, still not a single catch between them. Not sure where we're playing Enunwa, but (if we're not already) I'd like to see him in the Amaro role as he has the size to cause opposing secondaries problems. Still very surprised we didn't add a third TE in the off-season.


Can't think of anything, except maybe that the Patriots increasingly look the only real contender in the AFC...

stocksy 22.09.2015 10:14 AM

I agree on Mo.

I think we need to accept we need to pay genuine stars when we have them.

Jetupandgo 22.09.2015 08:17 PM

I'd add the run D in the first quarter. The Colts were able to run Ok it seemed but had a few first down runs called back for penalties. It just seemed to take us a while to get going.

Fitz seemed to force a few throws. It didn't cost us but they looked risky.

wayne ellis 30.09.2015 06:00 PM


We at least made a fight of it in the second half. The Eagles may have contributed to that, but I've seen us completely fold in that situation many times in the past.

Devin Smith and Zac Stacy finally got their first playing time for us.

We probably won't have to play the Eagles again for a few years... :o


We came out as flat as a fart in a game many expected us to win. I've lost count of the number of times this has happened over the years.

Sloppy tackling. Thought our Defense played pretty well for the most part, but we whiffed on too many tackles. Best example of this was Sproles' punt return, which was the turning point of the game.

Offense. Can't really absolve anyone of blame. Without Ivory and Decker, we were every bit as bad as we ever were under Rex. No running game at all, no push from the OL, Fitz had a shocker (although he should never be throwing nearly 60 passes in a game). Even Brandon Marshall was below par.

Lack of pass rush. The Eagles OL has struggled to keep Bradford upright this season. We should have put far more pressure on him than we did.


Marshall's lateral. I can understand him wanting to make something happen, but that was a dumb play.

Jetupandgo 30.09.2015 06:26 PM

I can understand the thought process behind the lateral if he'd not made first down yardage on the grounds that we had to get something going, but he had made the first down. That was an improvement in itself. Just crazy.

Once again I agree. The tackling was a big problem, it has been all season tbh.

wayne ellis 05.10.2015 08:15 AM


Chris Ivory. Ran the Dolphins into the dirt. Even when the blocking broke down, he still managed to make something out of nothing. Perhaps needs to do a better job of protecting the ball at times, but he's the key to our Offense. Considering he was playing hurt, yesterday's performance was immense.

Brandon Marshall. Set the tone early with an excellent grab of Fitz's fugly deep ball and caused Miami problems all day. Probably should have had a TD but he had another strong game overall.

Mo Wilkerson. Pay the man...

Buster Skrine. Regularly got pressure off the edge and solid in coverage.


Second half playcalling. I was happy with the gameplan in the first half, then we came out aggressive at the start of the second half. What happened after that, I have no idea. We should have done a much better job of controlling the clock, and went away from everything that had been working. It could easily have cost us a game we had dominated.

Cromartie. Although his experience is a help to the younger guys in our secondary, he's just giving up too many big plays. Wouldn't be surprised if Marcus Williams takes his job soon tbh...

Punt coverage. Very poor for the second straight week, consistently givin a struggling Miami Offense a short field in the latter stages of the game and allowing them to make a fight of it. Why it took us so long to punt out of bounds, I have no idea...


The penalties. Good lord, the penalties... :( We practically gift wrapped the Dolphins their first TD with two PI penalties, and cost ourselves a number of big plays on both sides of the ball.

TLC 11.10.2015 09:23 PM

Spot on, all the way there Wayne.

Skrine was a revelation and penalties apart, it was a joy to watch the game back on the box midweek !

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