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Rory426 22.09.2016 06:35 PM

Where are all the Patriots fans?
I know this is somewhat hypocritical as I hardly posted on here during the last few seasons but during the period around 2007-2012 when I first joined the forum, I seem to remember the New England sub-forum being more active than it is now.

Am I imagining it? Is the forum in general down on posters?

wayne ellis 22.09.2016 08:33 PM

The forum in general is way down on posters. Magnitude and Razor's Edge used to be among the busiest posters on the Patriots forum, both have moved on...

Good job NFLUK! :rolleyes:

PavlovsDog 22.09.2016 09:15 PM

Luckily we also lost a lot of the annoying bandwagon Patriot fans too.

Rory426 23.09.2016 05:37 AM

I guess to be fair the trend for all internet forums is not exactly an upwards one.

Danny Bear 23.09.2016 05:41 AM

Normally this is the busiest time of the year, everybody pumped for the new season, but the traffic in here has only increased a bit even from the off season.

With the FF game going down the pan you have to wonder how they will entice new posters on here.

bobsy 23.09.2016 12:12 PM

Some of us are still here!! :D
I'll admit I visit less since I joined a few Facebook NFL /Patriots UK groups and enjoy the banter on there! Plus it's quicker and easier to reply on there.

I find we get a more in depth discussion on here though so I check in after games etc. and give my opinions! :p

I still enjoy the forum and Facebook etc. seen as I don't really know many people locally who are into the NFL so I like talking football with other like-minded people!

ToonPatriot 23.09.2016 07:37 PM

Obviously I wasn't around during the time mentioned but I've been an NFL fan since 2012 and really enjoy reading this forum and the knowledge of some of the other fans.

I much prefer to read rather than post but I chip in occasionally. I do feel like people will see my limited posts and automatically assume I'm a bandwagon fan but oh well!

Ollyrules 24.09.2016 10:22 PM

I've found myself using the site less than last season due to the new format - very hard to use on my phone

It's a shame guys like Magnitude/Razors Edge don't post anymore as I always enjoyed their analysis.

2-Minuteman 22.10.2016 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by PavlovsDog (Post 2294259)
Luckily we also lost a lot of the annoying bandwagon Patriot fans too.

Maybe they got fed up hearing the same old broken records and got chased away from these forums through boredom of old school cliques who think they have a monopoly on fandom because they got there first.

"Don't you dare be a supporter of a successful team - you have to earn your stripes first and endure the agony of following a bunch of Losers for at least 10 years before you can be called REAL fan!!"

When the forums collapse and the London games are a thing of the past in 10 years time blame all these 'new fans' for not getting into it.

Go Giants!!

HSTDriver 22.10.2016 07:47 AM

It's weird that they're not about so much. I do forgive them not being here for weeks 1-4 when they were all watching the red sox instead ;)

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