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RedRage 09.10.2013 09:44 AM

Potential trip to London
So, how do we all feel about a potential trip to Wembley for the Red Birds?

As much as I love to see the Cardinals play, no matter the venue, I'm not sure we should undertake such a long trip.

b182dammit 09.10.2013 11:25 AM

I don't buy into the tiring long trip nonsense, so I see no issue with it.

"Ooo no, I've to sit on a plane for a few hours, 5 days before a game, and then again after the game, 13 days before my next game, its too much, its too much."

Id rather play Oakland in London than in Oakland, so I think it can only be a good thing for the team. I wouldn't want us to lose a home game, for the simple reason we then have more chance of losing.

tomdonlan 09.10.2013 12:48 PM

Don't think they'd ever give up a home game given how they all "sell out" but, as an away team, can easily be done. Schedule them an east coast game the week before, fly over after it and then fly back once they've beaten the Raiders.

I'd be over the moon if they do come over.

mrbyte11 09.10.2013 03:40 PM

with three different teams having thier home games here we have a chance at being the away team.
I would love to see them here

RedRage 10.10.2013 09:42 AM

I travel to AZ once a year and I do find the trip tiring, even on a non-stopper. I know it isn't the same as these guys will travel often and in business class comfort, but I don't think the effect is zero - especially for players who have never left the US before.

That being said, if it were the Raiders game, both teams would be equally affected, so it is probably not so big a deal.

We game up a home game when we played in Mexico, but I think they was about marketing the team the a developing fan base, and the trip wasn't an issue.

The selfish part of me wants to see them and the 'win at all costs' part of me wants us not to travel :)

Caio 10.10.2013 06:45 PM

how long do you go for on your early trips mate?

RedRage 11.10.2013 08:06 AM

Usually for three weeks as I visit my family at the same time.

One of the benefits of going for three weeks is you can catch two home games if you time it right - I never book flights until I see the football schedule first ;)

Northern Soul 11.10.2013 10:31 AM

The Cards were the first to give up a home game, when they played in Mexico City. So IMO there are a large number of others who should be made to do that first.
But I'd love to see them as the road team. 5 years in a row would be nice Mr Commish :) 10.12.2013 06:59 PM

Maybe 2015 with any luck!

RedRage 13.12.2016 04:31 PM

Going to bring this thread back from the dead!!

I live in Arizona now (was living in Bedfordshire when this thread was made), so I'll be flying the other way to see my Cardinals this time around. So happy we didn't lose a home game too!

Are there any Cardinals fans left on the forum, or have we fizzled out?

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