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Raider12 09.01.2019 10:50 AM

Playoffs. Eagles @ Saints.
Game day thread.


beer_bart 10.01.2019 09:36 AM

This will certainly be a different game to the thrashing the Saints dished out to the Eagles the other month. A game which actually rejuvenated them and saved their season in the end.
As a Saints fans there were small signs that Drew faded a bit in the last 1/3 of the season. The offense wasn't scoring and we actually relied on the defense to win us games. Whilst the Saints are number 1 seeds they have riden their luck a bit this season. They could have easily been 0-3 to start if not for a few missed field goals by the Browns and Falcons poor execution.
However, if the offence fires anywhere near the level its capable of then I think they will have too much for the Eagles. The extra rest some of the starters have had since week 16 could be the difference.

Eagles 24 - Saints 30

Dartmoor Falcon 10.01.2019 08:37 PM

My head tells me the Saints should win this, but I really want the Eagles to pull off the upset.

Parrott1971 11.01.2019 11:35 AM

Just beat them New Orleans, please destroy the Eagles again, don't care if the score is 2-0, JUST DONT LOSE!!!

Tamar Raider 12.01.2019 09:55 AM

The Eagles have been looking like the team that won it all last season since Nick Foles came back in as the QB, I think this might be the upset of the weekend.

Eagles 24 - 17 Saints.

DarwinTheAardvark 12.01.2019 05:07 PM

Philadelphia are dangerous and have momentum on their side, but I still expect New Orleans to win this. Won’t be as one sided as the regular season meeting, but the Saints should take it by a couple of scores.

Saints 30 Eagles 20

lee harris 10 12.01.2019 06:45 PM

how healthy is the Saints o-line,last time I saw them the Tackles looked injured but with how great the Eagles front 4 have been playing that seems to be the biggest factor on can the Saints keep the balance by pounding the rock.

also for the Eagles can anyone cover Kamara out of the back field and Thomas down the field.

if the Eagles keep this close into the 4th quarter anyone betting against Foles??

lee harris 10 13.01.2019 09:51 PM

Fole's on fire already.

wouldn't be shocked if we have an over time game in the dome.

nick_chicane 13.01.2019 10:25 PM

The first game this weekend that could be really, really interesting.

lee harris 10 13.01.2019 10:30 PM


Originally Posted by nick_chicane (Post 2392261)
The first game this weekend that could be really, really interesting.

for all the passing stats we had this regular season the 1st 3 games this weekend all seemed to be influenced by been able to just run all over the road team but the Eagles defence looks to good for that.

staying up to watch the whole game so want a great 2nd half so fingers crossed its close.

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