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JOHN_P 09.05.2014 12:24 AM

Jadeveon Clowney is the pick
Easily the best player in the draft, I cant wait to see how great this defense is going to be, is everyone happy with this?

StevenMccormick12 09.05.2014 02:12 PM

I'm definitely happy to have him. He's going to team up with JJ Watt and terrorise opposing QB's and O-Line's.
My preference was to trade down, stock pile picks and draft Manziel cause I had a feeling he would still be there. That being said absolutely no complaints, our D should be brilliant to watch this year.
Now I want us to take Nix, finally that big NT we need, at 33 and then grab Garrapolo or Aaron Murray at QB

Texan Bar 09.05.2014 07:16 PM

I think that we should now spend the next 3 picks on the D, with NT, CB & LB.
Then after that shore up the O.LINE.
Let Yates and Fitzpatrick battle for the starting QB, and go big time on offence picks next year.

At least with some new o-linemen, the QBack should have time to throw some passes instead of running for their lives after the pocket collapses practically on every play.

Just please don't trade for Mallet!!

boknows34 11.05.2014 05:35 PM

Clowney and Watt is a potentially devastating duo. One executive said Clowney's floor was Julius Peppers and Mario Williams. His ceiling is through the roof. Filo and Nix were both very good value picks. I still think you'll be looking at QBs in next year's class.

StevenMccormick12 22.05.2014 02:51 PM

Well, we got Nix. Delighted with the draft overall. Feel we're in a very good position, look so much bigger and stronger up front on both lines. That being said, I think we'll find ourselves back in the top 15 next year after a promising year and targeting guys like Winston, Hundley and Petty at QB.

Texan Bar 22.05.2014 08:55 PM

With Foster , Blue and a good blocking FB in Prosch, and with what looks like a big mean o line, I certainly believe that the running game will feature a lot more this season.

StevenMccormick12 23.05.2014 08:24 PM

I agree. That draft was about building both lines. Defensively to generate turnovers and offensively to get back to running the ball well, we came up short in both these areas last year.

Texan Bar 26.11.2014 08:35 PM

some Texans fans already calling Clowney a bust.
I think it is too soon to say that, more a major disappointment.

StevenMccormick12 11.12.2014 06:47 PM

He has just had a real bad run with injuries. I still believe he will be back and he and Watt will give QB's nightmares for years to come

boknows34 11.12.2014 07:05 PM

Microfracture surgery is very worrying. He may never be the same player again. In hindsight the Texans should've picked Mack and Carr. I'm glad they didn't.

StevenMccormick12 12.12.2014 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by boknows34 (Post 2136197)
Microfracture surgery is very worrying. He may never be the same player again. In hindsight the Texans should've picked Mack and Carr. I'm glad they didn't.

Yeah I'm starting to hear that it will be a 9-12 month read and doubts over whether he will ever have that explosiveness again. It would be really upsetting to see such a promising prospect be lost to injury not even one season in to his career

As for Mack and Carr the Raiders had a hell of a draft. Exciting times for you no doubt.

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