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RaiderMIB 17.10.2017 12:59 AM

I was at Oakland in week 2 for the win over the Jets.

Bought the tickets via NFL ticket exchange/ Not cheap (might be now :mad:), but no problems at all.

We stayed at the Radisson close to the stadium, which is within walking distance. I hadn't realised until we got there that the Black Hole home season opener party was at the hotel, which made for an interesting evening. :cool:
Didn't head out in the evening, so can't comment on any local issues in that respect.

No problems walking to/from or in the stadium at all as a Raider fan, but I think any opposing fans might find it a bit intimidating - nothing nasty that I saw, just that you would be in a small minority.

It is an old stadium and not great, but I had never seen the Raiders play in Oakland (just LA in the 90's), and likely won't be back before the move to LV, so had to go.

We were in 212 which is level with the (Black Hole) endzone on the Raider sideline, but most seats face centre-field which helps. As a baseball stadium you are further away than you would be in a football stadium, but that is true for nearly all seats.

Was rather disappointed with on-site merchandising, so I wouldn't bank on getting something specific.

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