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wayne ellis 12.02.2017 10:00 AM

Official NFLUK 7 Round Mock Draft 2017 - Sign Up thread
Now that the 32 spots for the Draft have been filled:

it's time to sort out who gets which team. The draft will start after the first week of free agency (March 13th) so that we will have a better understanding of team needs.

The draft will be a full 7 round mock draft with trades. There will be six hours per pick, and the next user must be notified via PM by the user who has just picked. People who miss picks in the first round and don't give a reason will lose their team and their team's picks in the subsequent rounds will go to vote.

Sign up is first come, first served. Please make sure the team you pick is still open when you are posting to avoid any confusion. I'll take whichever team is left over at the end...

Please sign up below:

Arizona Cardinals - b182dammit
Atlanta Falcons - JamesGall13
Baltimore Ravens - redcar_steeler
Buffalo Bills - BuffaloG
Carolina Panthers - wba1990
Chicago Bears - LesterHayes
Cincinnati Bengals - rjdbengal
Cleveland Browns - Tractor boys reborn
Dallas Cowboys - Kevan1971
Denver Broncos - mikeygnfl
Detroit Lions - FallenFlyer
Green Bay Packers - markdimmock812
Houston Texans - CautiousPaul
Indianapolis Colts - Latic
Jacksonville Jaguars - Martz
Kansas City Chiefs - cospec914
Los Angeles Chargers - Crash11
Los Angeles Rams - duesouth10
Miami Dolphins - maguiremick
Minnesota Vikings - joefairs
New England Patriots - Magnitude
New Orleans Saints - Northern Soul II
New York Giants - goodkarma84
New York Jets - Wayne Ellis
Oakland Raiders - Iffies
Philadelphia Eagles -AddyF87
Pittsburgh Steelers - cheshiremulisha
San Francisco 49ers - Ollyrules
Seattle Seahawks - xtianuk II
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Lonestar1963
Tennessee Titans - Chris Caulfield
Washington Redskins - Richard Cunliffe

Latic 12.02.2017 10:01 AM

Indianapolis Colts, please!

wayne ellis 12.02.2017 10:01 AM

Via message, Magnitude takes the New England Patriots...

chris caulfield 12.02.2017 10:02 AM


Originally Posted by wayne ellis (Post 2321734)
Via message, Magnitude takes the New England Patriots...

He must of been quick on the trigger finger for that PM haha :p

chris caulfield 12.02.2017 10:03 AM

Titans please.

EDIT: Would be willing to give them up to a Titans fan who is desperate for them, providing there is a team high on my shortlist of wanting to pick for still available.

Martz 12.02.2017 10:04 AM

Jaguars please

BuffaloG 12.02.2017 10:14 AM

Can I have the Bills please

iffies 12.02.2017 10:14 AM

Bagsy Raiders. :)

Tractor boys reborn 12.02.2017 10:19 AM

The tractor boys reborn, thanks to problems logging in, have had to set up new account

Can I have the Browns please

duesouth10 12.02.2017 12:14 PM

I'll go for the LA Rams, please.

As with Chris, if a Rams fan really wants them - happy to change.

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