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Lordy 08.01.2004 12:31 PM

Should the phins have kept Wannstedt or let him go?
Is Fiedler the right guy?

Duper85 08.01.2004 01:01 PM

1. Should the phins have kept Wannstedt or let him go?

Tricky, I think what has happened is probably a pretty good move. By all account Wanny is not thought of as a good personnel manager, and taking this responsibilty away from him and getting someone with more expertise sounds a good move.

Personally I'm not sure if he's aggressive enough to win championships, but 4 winning seasons of 11-5, 11-5 9-7 and 10-6 on the face of it isn't too bad. There are some who argue that we've regressed under him - in that in the 4 seasons we've gone from losing the divisional game, to losing the wild card game, to being eliminated from a playoff place in week 17, to being eliminated from a playoff place in week 16 (which is exactly 1 backward step per year). But perhaps with better personnel management, this slide can be stopped.

2. Is Fiedler the right guy

Nope, we won't win anything with him. However I can see him starting next season. If we draft a QB it's doubtful we'd get one of the top ones in the draft (Eli Manning or Roethlisberger) so it's unlikely we'd have a rookie to put straight in the team. But if we get a good prospect (eg Rivers), then there's the potential for next year under Fiedler whilst the new bloke learns the system to be the starter in 2005.

Flipper #83 08.01.2004 01:13 PM

Nice to see failure (only the 3rd time in team history that we have missed playoffs 2 years running and the first time since 88&89) rewarded with a further 2 years contract. He should be fired. We have not had a good draft is JJ left.
If my boss had failed like DW has, then he would have loss his job ages ago. He has a good defence, a decent running game and somehow still can't make the playoffs.

Week 1 was where we lost it this year. He should have gone soon after that.

Finally Fiedler is not the man but neither is anyone else we has got. So do we draft a QB? No. We must get a least a couple more WR's to help out Chris Chambers. Also we must get a decent O-Line for both Running and some Passing as this line is USELESS. QB should not be drafted for the next couple of years.

The defence is getting old and soon (2/3 Years time and I hate this part) I think we shall be in the running for Number 1 draft pick.

PaddyRamsey 08.01.2004 01:25 PM

Fiedler has a pretty good record with the Doll-phins though doesn't he? All those winning seasons don't mean nothing. Would replacing him mean you would take a step further?

08.01.2004 01:49 PM

Fiedler is always the scapegoat for other players' failures in Miami. I'm sick of reading about it really. He is an average QB, which good enough. The problems lie with the offensive line and his receiving corps. If he had more than a couple of seconds to throw he would be productive. The 'Fins need a left tackle as well as at least one guard. That would not only help Jay, but it would also take the pressure from him with improvement in the running game. Chambers has been his only reliable target with Randy McMichael on a down year and no number two guy. If they can draft a good possesion receiver such as Michael Jenkins or pick one up in free agency and also improve the o-line I think Fielder will do well. He will never be a Pro Bowler, but he can get the job done. Miami is a running team and doesn't need to spend big $$$ on a QB. I see them drafting Andrew Walter who they are really high on and starting Fielder.

Wanny sucked with the Bears and he isn't much better with the 'Fins. All I will say is that at least his players didn't quit on him this year like they have in the past.

PaddyRamsey 08.01.2004 01:52 PM

Defence Fiedler deserves in my opinion.

Duper85 08.01.2004 03:03 PM

I can understand Fins fans like Flipper who want DW out for the very same reasons as what people say about Fiedler. He's a coach who has a winning record but are we going to win a championship with him? Probably not because we fail every time we play a crunch game. Dolphins haven't had a losing season for 15 years, but haven't looked like winning the Superbowl either, we need a more ruthless mentality which I don't think Wannstedt or Fiedler provide. Actually in deference to PackerBacker's point about Fiedler being the scapegoat - the same accusation can be levelled at our supposed top defence which is stuffed with Pro-Bowlers. I'd love to know what happened to them in our real crunch game against the Eagles when the O played quite well.

The O-line is a serious problem, and a reason why Ricky Williams didn't have a particularly good year. We knew this last post season, but did nothing about it. It's this sort of reason Miami have taken away the personnel responsibilities from Wannstedt. I hope that this is where the problem lies and that supported by a GM DW will improve next year and that's why I think he deserves a chance. I have my doubts though.

Disagree that McMichael had a down year, by the way. The problem was that him and Chambers were the sum of our arial threats and there was no-one else who did anything.

Lordy 08.01.2004 04:33 PM

The defence is getting old and soon (2/3 Years time and I hate this part) I think we shall be in the running for Number 1 draft pick.
i hate to admit it but i agree, i mean sam madison and thomas are now 30, brock marion is 30+ i think the phins have missed the boat really with the pool of talent they have and i think they have a few more years left in them but the sale by date is approaching for these guys.

as for wannstedt, 5 winning seasons, you cant argue with his numbers i say keep him let him have another chance becasue he deserves one.

as for fiedler, yes he does grind out wins, but there is something about him that i dont like and he isnt geting any younger

PaddyRamsey 08.01.2004 08:56 PM

That's why I'm keeping a close eye on the Jags defence... all that youth and potentially huge talent.

ZachThomas#54 08.01.2004 10:58 PM

Dolphins should pick up Brunell or Warner in the offseason as they would bring an experienced quality QB. I dont think this year is the time to draft a QB unless your going to trade up and get Manning or Roethslimburg. Miami should probably pick best available player because they dont have a 2nd round pick. We really need an O-Tackle or a WR to take pressure off Chambers. If available I would really love to see Miami draft D.J Williams of Miami because lets face it, Thomas and Seau arent getting any younger!

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